9 thoughts on “Holiday in New Jersey

  1. I find those letters quite repulsive, especially when they place emphasis on the one child that is more talented, involved and perfect (so they make it out to be) than the other. I always love hearing about your two however and any time you or the Mrs. want to send me an update I am all ears and eyes!MT

  2. LOVE the diner pic.I always regard those letters with suspicion, although funnily the very people from whom I’d like to receive them will have no part in them. Does that maybe mean that you and your homefolks should be doing one?Anyway, the one from which you quote is quite appalling.

  3. Depends on the author. Some year-end-review letters are funny and engaging, others are just self-indulgent like the one you received. I’ve never created one because I’m too nervous that, try as I may to be funny, it might just result in something trite, scorned by my Christmas card recipients. So, I resort to a simple handwritten Merry Christmas wish. Seems to do the trick.

  4. MT: You get all the updates you need! If you need a fix, you have our number.Leah: Why are diners so damn photogenic?Jimmy: That gave me a big laugh. Thanks. No, sir, I cannot picture you scribbling heartfelt sentiments into a Hallmark greeting. No way. No how.Point: True, they’re not all awful. I’ve gotten some entertaining ones. But this one was a good lesson in how NOT to do it.Greg: Negative. This diner is in downtown Red Bank. They do have a sameness to them. That’s part of their appeal. You always feel at home!

  5. i’m a ‘picture/letter’ person, but try to emphasize pictures, short captions, and generally poke fun at myself as much as possible…favorite bumper sticker along the ‘honor student’ lines: “My Skater Sells Drugs To Your Honor Student”

  6. The Youngest does our cards now (make ’em work I say!). We just give her a list, poor kid. Next year She also has to MAKE the cards! :¬)I like American diners. The last one I visited was in Moscow!

  7. Well, I’ll have to plead guilty to having been party to a “Christmas Family Update” letter on more than one occasion over the years.Your post made me think, however, about all the forms of communication that we have to stay in touch with family and friends, especially those far flung ones. And, in spite of that, or maybe because of it, I still rarely write or talk to anyone.I probably interact more regularly on the internet with people I’ve never met IRL, versus family and friends.Weird, eh?

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