For a good time, click here

Tim Hall is, by my estimation, a writer who is deserving of a larger audience. He writes from the gut and has the scars to prove it. If you’re looking for some new literature to light up your holiday and make you laugh, you’re in luck. From now until the end of the year, you can get his books at 50% off. Click here and scroll down.

I recommend starting off with Full of It, the thinly veiled fictional story of the rise and fall of a Lower East Side underground newspaper and Half Empty, the story of a Brooklyn hipster who struggles with women and booze. Get ‘em.

1 thought on “For a good time, click here

  1. OOOOh! This looks great. Just ordered the Slipcase Mini of “Half Empty” and “How America Died”….what a great deal, plus with your recommendation, I’m all a flutter…..But my bro will have to enjoy. ‘Tis the season to give and its going to be a part of his Xmas present…lucky dog. My satiation will have to follow the New Year

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