Beautiful Radio City Music Hall

A few weeks ago the whole clan came into the city for the big Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. Guess what? It was spectacular! If you surrender yourself to the spirit and leave your pretentious idiot self outside on 6th Avenue (as I did), you can really enjoy the show. Especially if you have a bunch of kids it tow. Their joy is infectious. And if you don’t want to relinquish your cool quotient, you can always appreciate the show from a design/production standpoint. It’s amazing to see what can be done with a big budget.The show before the show is Radio City Music Hall itself. It’s the cathedral of art deco architecture that opened in 1932. These photos do not do it justice. Here’s one of the lobby staircases leading to the mezzanine.


At the top of the staircase is this grand mural. It works in concert with the murals created throughout all of Rockefeller Center. [Fun fact: Nelson Rockefeller had the Diego Rivera mural destroyed because he slipped the image of Lenin into it!]


Here are two shots of the cavernous interior. How do you like that lighting? The spotlight is on one of the two “Mighty” Wurlitzer pipe organs on either side of the stage. As you walk to your seats, you are blasted with Christmas carols. You can feel the notes in the lower registers in your chest.



Outside in Rockefeller Center, people flock to see the big tree. But by focusing on the tree, they risk missing the smaller touches, such as this stature of a beautiful (and, dare I say? erotic) naked nymph above the skating rink.


Her hair has a distinctive art deco pattern to it.


15 thoughts on “Beautiful Radio City Music Hall

  1. Great pics!I will say, Hedgehog enjoyed the Christmas Spectacular immensely, and even Sarge liked it. Radio City Music Hall is fab.I’m sure I would have enjoyed it too, but still…I was more than glad to stay at home quietly with my pretentious cool self and my bottle of whiskey.

  2. Leah: Put down that whiskey and go with the Hedgehog and Sarge! You can leave before the virgin birth reenactment.GOTJ: I wouldn’t skate on that rink for the humiliation factor. I’m sure I’d fall flat on my face. And I agree, she does have very nice hair. Wink.Cat: That Leonard Cohen show was a tough ticket. How did you manage?Point: Actually, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that show. Don’t know how I avoided it all these years.Jimmy: It’s quite a sight to see in person. It makes putting up with all the dirt and noise worth it.

  3. Yes, Radio City Music Hall is beautiful and the pipe organ is wonderful. To be most accurate, the hall has two consoles for the (one) Wurlitzer pipe organ. The consoles are on either side of the stage and can be played alone or together. Some of my favorite memories are of organ recitals there. Happy Holidays to all and to all, a good night!

  4. AFM: Thanks, although I’m sure there are comparable venues in Oz.Daisy: When you walk into the grand lobby, your cool quotient mysteriously vanishes. Sisko: Thanks very much for the clarification! I hate it when I have my facts wrong.Map: Call me when you plan your trip and I’ll map out a course of action.Nurse: The Music Hall isn’t going anywhere. It’ll still be here when you visit again.

  5. Not to worry about the pipe organ comment. It’s a lovely instrument and many folks make the mistake in believing there are two consoles because there are two organs. My greatest hope for you is that you are able to be there to see a show there or hear the organ being played. It’s a memorable moment and you won’t forget it….ever!

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