It’s Christmastime in the city pt. 1

I was arguing with myself over whether or not I should do any holiday posts this year. I got all wrapped up in trying to gauge whether or not anyone is interested in reading this stuff but ultimately I decided to do what I’ve always done—write whatever the hell I like and hope it amuses.

* * *

Here’s the beautiful Bryan Park skating rink, all up and running. The building in the background is the back of the big New York Public Library on Madison and 42nd. The front of the building is guarded by two stone lions, Patience and Fortitude. Unfortunately, the statues are so old and frail that they can no longer hang big wreaths around their necks.

If you look in the upper left, you’ll see the neon-lit point of the Chrysler Building. The structure on the left is a 2-story restaurant/bar. You can get drinks and a not-too-cheap meal while watching skaters either glide gracefully or fall flat on their asses. It’s dinner and a show.


Here’s the rink from another angle with the Empire State Building bathed in red. Come to Manhattan and you, too, can ice skate in the shadow of two of the most important architectural landmarks in the city.


Behind these hallowed doors below the wreath you won’t find a bigger collection of thieves, vipers and swindlers. I’ve spent most of my career working for these clowns and I feel very different about them today than I did 18 months ago. 18 months ago I wouldn’t have referred to them as clowns. Santa will, inexplicably, be very good to them this year.


13 thoughts on “It’s Christmastime in the city pt. 1

  1. Can you ice skate??? I’ve only ever been to the ice rink thrice in my life. I don’t really have fond memories of skating. I just remember blisters on the souls of my feet.

  2. I really think you should be looking into journalism work for a New York review job for some paper, magazine or something that more of the public can enjoy these blogs.Mt

  3. ” I decided to do what I’ve always done—write whatever the hell I like and hope it amuses.”It does amuse, and I always enjoy the visit – please continue!Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  4. We’ve skated at Bryant Park, and it’s wonderful–but never at night! The lights are beautiful.It’s certainly a far cry from the bootleg Wollman Rink at Prospect Park in the 1970s–where we always used to go as kids and adolescents, and try to skate without getting robbed. I mean, literally held up.

  5. Sid: I’ve never been on ice skates in my life. If I do eventually decided to learn, I can assure you it won’t be at one of these public rinks.Nurse: I imagine they mean more to you than most.Daisy: You wish is my command. I am your servant.Cat: Thanks, dear. I’m no professional but I try to convey a feeling.MT: Lots of people would like to make their living off of blogs but the pay is awful.Lori: Happy holidays to you, as well. You are perhaps my most appreciative audience member.Leah: Prospect Park in the ’70s must have been awe-inspiring. In the bad way.Jimmy: I bow to your powers of description. You are the grandmaster sensei. I, merely the student.

  6. if it weren’t for the cold and the snow, i might enjoy being in NYC right now, sugar, but y’alls pictures are marvelous and bring the city to me instead. thank you! xoxoxox

  7. I’m glad you too sometimes over-think whether you should post about something — worrying about what your audience will think. I do it too. It’s annoying; because, you are right to write about whatever the hell you want. Us be damned! I for one love the NYC Xmas pics. Though I hate ice skating (My Man being a New Yorker loves ice-skating and asked yet again if I want to go… that’s like me asking him if he wants to ski … how can you hate the idea of skiing but like ice skating??? I don’t get it. The beauty of a little mystery in marriage.) Anyway, I’m sad to hear the lions are weak. I would have thought the smart scientist-art-restoration peoples would have figured something out. Sorry for the long and rambling comment!

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