Big birthday blizzard blowout

Today was 7-Year Old Daughter’s birthday. Henceforth, she will now be known as 8-Year Old Daughter. She had big party plans but, unfortunately, she woke up to 18 inches of snow that began falling the previous day. There were no cars on the road. Outside was the the bright white light and muffled quiet that only a major snowfall can provide. It’s a singular sensation.


Of course, the party had to be scuttled. The roads were impassible and I doubt anyone would have come. It would have been irresponsible to go out driving in this mess for anything other than an emergency. So instead of having a party with her friends, she sat down in snow drifts.


She did not take the postponement very well. What 8-year old girl would? Her reaction upon hearing the news:

This is the worst birthday ever!


I don’t know about that. Years from now, she might remember it as being one of the most memorable. She’ll discover that birthday parties are a dime a dozen, but powerful storms that force you to live in the moment are a far more rare and valuable treat.


15 thoughts on “Big birthday blizzard blowout

  1. She’s a gorgeous girl. Congrats to her. Hmmm can’t say I’ve even been in a position where weather has forced me to live in the moment. All we have in CT are gale force winds that uproot trees. That’s as much fun as we get.

  2. Oh just look at the two of you. Maybe a little part of you was happy about the snow so you could enjoy the snowy birthday and not have to share her? It’s ok. I won’t tell.

  3. What a great picture of you two! It’s the first I’ve seen of your face. Now that is a more complete picture. As to the ” worst birthday ever, ” this will be a birthday she will always remember and if she’s a story teller like her dad, she be able to weave a tale that will be infinitely more interesting than any old party she would have had she just doesn’t know it yet.I can hear her now, ” … and the snow was so high it was practically over my head. ” as told in 2079 to her grandchildren on a snowy December day in the future.

  4. Guess what? Hedgehog turned 9 on the 20th!!! And we had to reschedule her birthday party too! She went sledding instead for the first time in her life!Happy birthday to your big girl, and here’s a toast to The Worst Birthday Ever!

  5. So I feel really bad, not only did she have to “cancel all her fun” I didn’t call…bad me. We all talked about calling for the few hours that we were together and then all the chick’s flew like someone bomb the nest. Before I knew it I was elbow deep in flour rolling nut rolls for your trip home. I will call her sometime today…MT

  6. Sid: Thank you. She gets it from her mother. Blizzards may sound awful, but they’re great fun!Nurse: You post some pretty fabulous photos as well. Wink.Sally: Let’s see: Hang out at a party in a room full of 8-year old girls or have her to myself in the snow? Guilty.GOTJ: I agree. She’s too young to know how special that was but one day it will all be clear to her.Leah: What a fantastic coincidence! I love when stuff like this happens. A big happy birthday to Hedgehog. It’s one she’ll remember, I’m sure.Nurse: You bet, she did. I enjoyed it when it was my turn, as well!MT: It’s never too late. Give her a ring. She’ll be happy to hear from you guys. See you next week.

  7. 7/8 year old: You say it’s your birthday. Na, na, na, na. It’s my birthday too! Really, you turned eight and I turned – well, let’s just say a whole lot more than eight – on the 20th so Happy Birthday to us. Sorry about the snow messing up your party.

  8. i have very fond memories of the two blizzards of my childhood. as well as the two of my high school years! (no school for a week!) these are fabulous pictures! nice to see you smile…

  9. Wow! My 11 year old would swap all her birthdays for that much snow! It ‘snowed here today, (an inch at the most!) Her face lit up like a big lit-up face!Happy 8th Birthday to Herself.:¬)

  10. Daisy: I lived in Phoenix for 18 long months. I tried to explain to the joys of a blizzard to the locals. They didn’t get it. Map: It’s all fun and games until you have to shovel lots and lots of it.Savannah: Meeyow! Thanks. I’ll take that and keep it for when I’m feeling blue.

  11. There’s nothing as quiet as snow. Once in my life have I seen a really big snow–about 12 inches–and the world was completely silent. BTW, that is a great photo and you and I have almost the exact same glasses.

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