Very bad parenting skills

We visited the Cleveland Science Center. I’ve never been a big science center kind of guy but when you’re in Cleveland in December, you either have to find indoor activities for the kiddies to burn off their energy or suffer the consequences.

There were some really cool exhibits. They had a working Theramin. That’s the device that makes weird spacey sounds when you wave your hand near it. It’s featured in Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys. They also had a plasma tube. There’s an electric current running inside and if you touch the side of the glass, the current attached itself to your fingers.


How neat is that?! I called 3-Year Old Daughter over. I wanted a picture of her grasping the tube. I thought it would make for a nice blog photo. She reached up and lightly touched it with the tip of her index finger. I wanted her to have a better connection so I pressed her palm against the tube.


WAAAHHHH! Daddy you PINCHED ME! AAaaagghhh! I want MOMMY!

Do this, don’t do that,
can’t you read the signs?

Five Man Electrical Band


8 thoughts on “Very bad parenting skills

  1. trust me on this one key thing, one day when you least expect it, she’ll tel you the entire story, totally embellished beyond y’alls memory of a very, very minor mistake anyone could have made! ask my husband, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxhappy new year!

  2. oh, but it was a teachable moment! you can now assure her the importance of reading and heeding informational/safety signs! good parent. very good parent. (and YES, i HAVE had to rationalize similar moments… fortunately none requiring hospitalization. yet.)

  3. Savannah: Actually, I’m hoping that she’s way too young to remember any of it. No chance of that?Daisy: I think the lesson learned is that dear ole’ Dad is a bit of a dolt at times.Sid: I’m sure she’ll deliver a payback shock later in life.Nurse: That’s quite an accomplishment. It’s an unwieldy instrument.Jo: It’s like a bug zapper for children.

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