An Unbearable message to an unbearable decade

Dear 2000, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9:

Bugger off.

All of you, you dirty, rotten, no good, low down, two-timing, yellow-bellied, double crossing, back stabbing, snakes in the grass.

I didn’t think 2009 could be worse than 2008 but do you know what? It was! It just goes to show you that it’s never safe to set your expectations. I don’t use this forum to vent my troubles. I choose to leave out the dreary stuff. Plus, I was raised to pretend that everything is okay, even when it’s not. Don’t talk about it and perhaps it’ll just go away.

[Ms. Daisyfae, do you think that’s an Ohio/Midwest thing? I’ve always considered that mine was a problem of geography.]

But take my word for it, 2009 was no picnic for me or the people around me.

Ten years ago, Mrs. Wife and I welcomed the new decade wile dancing at Bruce Springsteen’s New Years Eve party. It’s one of the top five nights of my life. Tonight we’re in the family room wrapped in the red blanket and watching Ed Harris tear his guts out as Jackson Pollock.

Okay. As Mr. Bukowski put it, scramble two.

Happy New Year to my readers. Your attention is a gift to me.

14 thoughts on “An Unbearable message to an unbearable decade

  1. Today? A new start pal.Tomorrow? A new start!I sometimes wonder what we would be without our kids!That’s why we have them I suppose!To infinity, and beyond!!!:¬)

  2. I so get what you’re talking about that it’s making me laugh … you know the kind of moment where if you weren’t laughing you’d be crying. Yeah…that kind of laughter. ;)I always enjoy hearing what you have to say even if it’s a good rant or whinge as we would say here so don’t hold back based on your upbringing as folks in my old hometown might say.Happy New Year to you and those you love.

  3. Map: I’ve always used New Year’s Eve as a starting point. I forgive myself for all the stupid things I did over the past 12 months.Savannah: Thanks for your good wishes and the x’s and o’s. St. Jude: Mrs. Wife and I watch that movie before Christmas every year without fail! It’s one of the few DVDs we actually own.Nurse: At least I haven’t got Jackson Pollock’s problems.Leah: Please don’t bring those up again, as I am no longer in Cleveland and can’t do anything to quench my hunger for them.GOTJ: Thanks for the green light but going forward I’ll still probably keep the whinges to a minimum. And a big Happy New Year to you, as well.

  4. In the deepest, darkest South (Mississippi), I was also raised to not talk about bad stuff, so I’m not sure it’s a midwestern thing. On the other hand I am closely related by marriage to someone who talks about every bad thing that happens everyday of her life, and believe me, it’s miserable to be around.Cuddled up in a blanket with the one you love watching Ed Harris isn’t a bad way to spend the evening. Heck, for me, watching Ed Harris is a great way to spend the evening.Anyway, I wishing you a much more bearable year this year.

  5. not sure it’s “midwest”. i’ve always attributed it to “WASP”*, which is prevalent in our part of the world. but i know it well. lack of expectations. that’s the key. hard to do, but fabulous once you get it down. here’s to better things ahead. onward…*”White Anglo-Saxon Protestant” for those unfamiliar with the term. Captured elegantly by the concept that “WASP women get out of the shower to pee”.

  6. Cat: You may be right (see Daisyfae above). As wrong as that may be, it’s better than spewing your misery all over the place for everyone to see.Ellie & HIF: Glad I said it first!AFM: I hope I can say the same about the coming decade.Daisy: My family was far from being WASPish! Oh, if you only knew!

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