Scarred inside and out

Laura Linney plays a photojournalist who is home convalescing from injuries incurred from a roadside bomb while covering the war. The injuries include permanent scarring on her face, but that’s just the visible damage. The real stuff is under her skin.


Eric Bogosian is her editor and friend who is suffering a midlife crisis. His girlfriend is a too chatty and much younger, but very likable, Alicia Silverstone.

All are excellent but the real firepower on stage is someone you’re probably not familiar with. Brian d’Arcy James is a tornado as Linney’s journalist boyfriend. Nurse H and I took in the excellent Time Stands Still by Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies at the Manhattan Theater Club. [A terrible, forgettable title, though.]


James’ last appearance on Broadway was under cakes of make-up as Shrek in Shrek the Musical. I missed that but saw him in Conor McPherson’s Port Authority at the Atlantic Theater Company last year. Successfully navigating between these very different roles is not such an easy thing to do. And to hold his ground against Laura Linney isn’t a cakewalk, either.

10 thoughts on “Scarred inside and out

  1. I love it that you take advantage of the wonders NYC has to offer and that you share your experiences on your blog.. Those of us who can’t get the thrill of experiencing it thru you. It’s a far-removed and tiny thrill, but still….

  2. The last time I got to see a play (apart from the excellent school plays!) was in the eighties! YES!Like Savvy, not much goin’ on play-wise in this backwater!Lucky man. :¬)

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