9 thoughts on “Three lines for your midnight contemplations

  1. Not bad advice from a man who decided not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, and waste 20 years meditating on top of Mount Everest.Satisfaction begins and ends with the strength of the mind over things that really do matter. – J Bastard 2010.

  2. read this right after y’all had posted it (thank you, google reader), so of course i couldn’t formulate an answer that made sense, but now, in the light of day, the best i can do is this: gotta comment because vw is:MADMEN (I KID Y’ALL NOT!) xxoxox

  3. Ponita: It’s the thread that runs through us ALL. Everyone is looking outside for happiness. It will only be achieved from looking in.Daisy: My mother was the complete opposite. She lead an unfortunate life but was always happy.Jimmy: I had an easy blueprint; study my father and to the opposite.Savannah: Holy cow! That’s a fantastic insight! Seriously! Well done, you.

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