Central Park photo blast: spring hath sprung

It was a long time coming, but spring has finally arrived. I’m certain that we’ll get one or two more blasts of cold, raw weather, but unless the earth unexpectedly shifts on its axis, I think we’re done with snowstorms and winter.

After finishing some bizznizz in the city, I met Nurse H. We had lunch in Central Park and watched the big parade of humanity walk by. With commentary, of course. Don’t worry. We were in good spirits and nobody got trashed too terribly.

Do you know how “they” say that you have to have something to occupy your days? That without meaningful work, you’ll slip into a fits of depression? NOT ME, pals! I could easily spend each and every day like this and not be saddened in the least. I realize that most people require intellectual and emotional stimulation in order to feel alive, but I think that living in New York City for as long as I did gave me a lifetime’s worth of fulfillment and I could very easily coast the rest of the way. Like John Lennon, I could happily dream my life away, just watching the wheels go ’round. People say I’m lazy! Too bad it doesn’t pay.


These two were so extraordinarily attractive that they should be forced to breed for humanity’s sake. This picture really doesn’t do them justice. They’re right out of a J. Crew catalog.


This guy was a great musician. He played American popular standards with real depth of soul and feeling. And for all that ability, he’s playing for tips in the park. It made me wonder if having talent can sometimes work out to be a curse.


A shot to give the kiddies nightmares. Heh-heh.


This is the Angel of the Waters fountain on Bethesda Terrace. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted pics of this before but it never gets old for me. She was designed by Emma Stebbins in 1868. Emma was the first woman to receive a public commission for a major work of art in New York City. Hoo-ha for Emma!


Lovely Central Park Lake. The best show in town is standing on that bridge and watching people row their boats stern-forward.

10 thoughts on “Central Park photo blast: spring hath sprung

  1. Mmmm…I think this idea about work is a con myself. Not much work is “meaningful” or “intellectually and emotionally stimulating” (unless you count being annoyed/frustrated/stressed as emotional stimulation). “Something” about sums it up. So, glad you’re enjoying your time out. Like you say, too bad it doesn’t pay. Crazy really, when you think we “pay” people to be depressed (sick pay), criminals (free B&B for however long), ill (sick pay), etc – and rightly so, but wouldn’t it be nice to know your taxes were also paying people to be happy?

  2. sugar, you should submit some of your nyc travelogues to time out new york. i’ve been to the city a gazillion times and you continually point out new places and even better, new ways of looking at the known! xoxox

  3. PG: You’re right! It is a con! I wonder why that thought never occurred to me? I buy into too many theories without examining them first.Daisy: If they held the people watching Olympics, NYC would take the gold, silver AND bronze. Savannah: Hang out here long enough and you learn a few things. Nurse H: How perfect was the weather?! What a great afternoon. The upside of unemployment. More, please.

  4. Spring is starting to…er… spring here too. There’s a little garden I walk past on my way to work that’s now a meadow of crocuses, primroses and daffs. So pretty.

  5. Leah Have you ever visited the cherry blossoms in Prospect Park? Well worth the trip.Nutty: You should post some pics. New place, new perspectives.Nurse: Thanks. I’d like more of the same, please.Scarlet: Sometimes I feel bad for buskers. Some of them are so talented and yet, so often they end up playing for pocket change.

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