Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive. If at all possible.

8-Year Old Daughter: I drew this picture for you, Dad. It’s for you to hang at your desk when you get a job.

That hurt. Do you know what’s worse than being unemployed? Being unemployed with a daughter who is old enough to realize that you’re unemployed. Should I try to explain what investment income is in order to ease her mind? Or is that pointing out a problem that she is unaware of?

Jesus Christ. How did this happen to me? I started in investment banking years ago and thought I was set for life. I was never a six-figure “earner” but I thought I could carve out a fairly comfortable life. “What could possibly go wrong?,” I thought to myself. Plenty, it turns out.

* * *

Me: Give me a little kiss on my cheek.

3-Year Old Daughter: NO!

Me: Pleeeeease? I’ll pay you for one. How much are they?

3-Year Old Daughter: TWO DOLLARS!

Me: That’s a lot of money for a kiss!

3-Year Old Daughter: Well, they’re NOT ON SALE!

* * *
3-Year Old had a secret for the Easter bunny. Shortly afterwards, we bumped into the Easter Bunny coming out of the men’s restroom, which lead to a host of questions regarding the bathroom habits of bunnies.
*     *     *
I took the girls to the Broadway Diner. I’ve done posts about this place before. It’s our home away from home. The diner opened in 1959 and has many of the original accouterments.


Honestly? The food is not that great but we keep going back. We probably always will.


There was a renovation in the 70’s so even though the structure is the same, the color palate has been changed. Unfortunately, if you ask me. I’d have preferred they keep the chrome, tube steel and red.


13 thoughts on “Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive. If at all possible.

  1. because you need to hear you aren’t alone, i’m going to tell you a little story. once when the MITM was inbetween gigs and we were sitting at the table wondering how the hell we were going to do what needed to be done, our youngest and only daughter came to the table and said basically the same thing to the MITM. he said thanks, baby and then after she left said to me, “she said WHEN, not if…we’ll be ok.” and we were. xoxoxox (we’re all propping each other up in blogville right now, sugar! we’ll be ok.)

  2. Savannah: Thanks for the story. I needed that. I vacillate between worrying that I’ll start work too soon, and being convinced that I’ll never find a job again.Cat: You’re right. Perhaps this will be a valuable lesson in perseverance for her. I’m certainly not going to give up.

  3. I think it will be a valuable lesson in other ways. I doubt employment is going to become more secure in the future, so when she’s older and possibly facing the same challenge, she’ll have the role model of a father who besides not giving up in his search for a job, made use of the hiatus to spend time with those he loves in good ways.But good luck with job-hunting, too.

  4. That was a sweet gesture. Kids are like that and really, they don’t panic as much as you think. My dad was on strike a lot during my first couple of years in school and I don’t remember being worried about money just about the fact that he was unhappy. Adult perception is so different from children’s. In some ways, they have the priorities straight.An Easter Bunny coming out of the men’s washroom would provide my daughter with days worth of commentary and questions.

  5. PG: I certainly hope that things improve in the future so my daughter doesn’t have to go through this. And I have NEVER thought of myself as a role model! What a strange turn of events. Daisy: I’m just glad the Easter bunny still had his head on when he came out of the bathroom. That would have instigated a different set of questions.Annie: She really is a sweet kid. I hope I don’t foist my neurosis on her. That’d be tragic.

  6. I’m in agreement with Pueblo – even though she senses your worry, you are giving your daughter an amazing lesson that you don’t have to fall apart during periods of unemployment. You can still be a great parent and live a productive existence with a positive outlook. You are a wonderful role model for her!Take care.

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