Another hilarious headline from your pals at The New York Post

Those of you who don’t have a tabloid newspaper in your city don’t know what you’re missing. London had some pretty good ones. Do they have any in Australia? Here in New York, our tabloid is owned by multi-billionaire bottom feeder Rupert Murdoch. You won’t find headlines like this in the stately New York Times, Washington Post or Times of London:

This was published the day after senior Goldman Sachs executives were grilled by Congress about their shady business dealings. On first glance, I thought the headline referred to the parasites and bloodsuckers who run Goldman. I thought they were the Sacks of Shit. But I was mistaken.

This being a Murdoch publication, they were coming to the defense of their bed mates at Goldman. The focus of the article was on the numerous times Congress used the words “shit” and “shitty” during the testimony. Because that’s important. The crux of the story was to imply that Congress lacks dignity. The testimony contained a “sack of shits.” Arrgh. Fooled me again.

But I’ll have to admit, the cover is a classic. Right up there with their Photoshop mauling of Tiger Woods and the time they referred to AIG executives as a bunch of greedy bastards.

20 thoughts on “Another hilarious headline from your pals at The New York Post

  1. Pat: That guy gets on my nerves but you can’t deny his extraordinary success. But I STILL think he’s a bottom feeder. HIF: Please. I’m still woozy from the news. Everyone out here has a theory as to why it’s closing. Nobody cares about the subject matter. Too challenging. It’s America-bashing. They’re all full of shit. It was a great, great production. I had every intention of going a second time.You got me upset all over again just bringing it up.Unrelated: Are you guys okay? So sorry about the floods. Now, THERE’S a reason to be upset!

  2. Unless there’s a picture of a bikini-clad or a topless female model in that paper, it’s not a true tabloid.But it’s probably a good thing there’s somewhere that journalism grads in the bottom third of their class can find work, eh?

  3. EG: Selling sacks of shit to the public is the quickest route to riches. Daisy: ENRON doesn’t close until Sunday. So what are you doing this weekend?Rob: The Post doesn’t have pin-ups, but they DO have a very smarmy gossip sheet called Page Six. Does that count for something?

  4. UB–My family and friends are fine…a few inconveniences, but that’s nothing compared to losing your home. The economic impact will last for a couple of years. Anderson Cooper is doing his show from here tonight…should be interesting. (Sorry to upset you all over again about Enron.)

  5. this weekend? taking the motorcycle class i need to complete to get my license. there’s a 6 month waiting list, or i’d seriously think about coming to NYC… damn mid life crisis…

  6. Ha! Australia also has a Murdoch-owned publication. Actually it owns 7 out of the 10 newspapers in the country. They’re all the same, and I never read them because they make me sad. Case in point: the massive print on the cover of today’s Murdoch-owned Herald Sun – under the massive and unrelated picture of the footballer of course – read “BAN THE BURQA”. Sigh.

  7. HIF: I hear the country music industry was hit pretty hard. It’s awful. Daisy: Those are some pretty luxurious choices to make.MM: Thanks for the culture lesson! My knowledge of Oz is scant so I need that. Keep Murdoch down there, please. MIT: His mother was made a Dame?!? You’re kidding, right? Are they from old money?Nurse M: Again, please keep him to yourself. We have enough domestic cultural idiots to deal with. Ellie: It’s still in London and, apparently, going strong. *Wonders about flying to London to see it again.*

  8. All we have in Australia are tabloids. We’re the epicentre of the Rupert Murdoch crapquake, so our local paper is a demonstration of where the Murdoch phenomenon leads – utter and unequivocal nonsense.

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