A public service announcement

Your friends at your local New Jersey Bottle King…

Your discount beer emporium…

Would like to remind you that tomorrow is Mother’s Day. So…

Because that’s how we roll in The Garden State.

This gives me the same “where did we go wrong?” sensation I get when I’m in an elevator in Manhattan and see a man with meticulously manicured nails (including clear nail polish).

15 thoughts on “A public service announcement

  1. you know, my kids have been gone awhile… wonder if they’re shopping at The Bottle King? There are worse gifts for Mom. Home electrolysis, incontinence undergarments and ultrasonic denture cleaner come to mind…

  2. Daisy: You’re not implying that your kids gave you one of the gifts you mention? Surely not. Unless they were trying to be clever.Pat: It’s the kind of change that will get you conked over the head with a bottle of Blue Moon.PG: But aven’t sounds so Cockney. I like it better.

  3. Savannah: The irony about Jersey Shore is that NONE of those people are from New Jersey! They’re all out-of-towners (Staten Island, Brooklyn, etc.) who invade the beach communities in the summer. For generations, they’ve been condescendingly referred to as “Bennies” by the natives.

  4. Is mauve their signature colour? Personally I’d quite like a gift from the bottle-o (mango vodka anyone?) for mother’s day but I think I’m getting a cd or dvd…. still waiting on youngest son to arrive for lunch and it’s 1:25 over here…..

  5. Nurse: It’s so funny you should pick up on that! That building is vintage 1978 in color and design. Gruesome.Ruby: Take it from me, the older they get, the more you’ll appreciate a good discount beer store. Map: Was the Mickey Mouse logo in place of a crucifix? Ooh. That’s blasphemy, isn’t it?Ellie: I like your mom! What, no Pabst Blue Ribbon?

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