My mid-week colleagues on the boardwalk


Would you like to see what some folks are doing while you (we) are slaving under the bright, white florescent lights? These are from my trip to Atlantic City a few Wednesdays ago before my current consulting project started. It’s not healthy for me to revisit these photos—it warps my perspective—but I’ll suffer them for your sake, dear reader.

You can cast from the beach. This guy was young enough to work. I wonder why he’s not at a desk? He didn’t get a bite the whole time I was watching but that’s hardly the point, is it?


There’s a colony of feral cats that live under the boardwalk. You can tell they’re related because they all pretty much look the same. The locals provide food and shelter for them. This old salt better be careful with that second-hand smoke.


This is how I aspire to live one day. The beauty of nothingness. Sit on the beach, wiggle your toes in the sand and read some nice, trashy literature.


They do it down on Camber Sands
They do it at Waikiki
Lazing about the beach all day,
At night the crickets creepy
Squinting faces at the sky
A Harold Robbins paperback

Pulling Mussels

Yup. They surf in New Jersey. You wouldn’t think so. The water is still quite cool, so everyone wore wet suits.


The waves are usually pretty tame unless there’s a nor’easter roaring up the coast.


This food cart serves meals from the four main food groups: sausages, hot dogs, corn dogs and nachos w/ cheese. What? Don’t pretend you’ve never eaten Boardwalk food before and loved every bite.


18 thoughts on “My mid-week colleagues on the boardwalk

  1. Not everyone has to sit at a desk under florescent lights to work and maybe your first guy had a day off. Sorry, not trying to sound snarky, just presenting another viewpoint. ;-)As to the wet suits, if you surf here you kind of expect to wear one all year round.I don’t mind the wetsuits though when the beaches are so empty and the view pretty enough to make you cry.

  2. You’ve never worked anything other than bankers’ hours since you presume all people work 8-5 Monday-Friday. Many work *gasp* the second and graveyard shifts and *double gasp* weekends and holidays. Your assumptions of your peers on the pier are unfounded.

  3. at this point, given the conversations going on here a couple of rooms down, i would trade my life for a smoke on the beach in a heartbeat. and then i’d worry about the day after…xoxoxoxo

  4. What is this nerve I seem to have struck with some of you? Do I need to be taught a valuable lesson in alternative lifestyles? Sheesh. I get it. Not everyone works a desk job. No kidding. One time, I did a post and made an offhand comment about a pizza joint being the best in New York. I was descended on by the Manhattan pizza snobs telling me what a little fool I was. I could use an editor.Map: You’re a beach guy? What about KateNap? Is she in agreement with that?Savannah: Lighting up a big fatty on the beach is also bliss. That IS what you meant, isn’t it? ;-)Kykn: I would come to Capt Town in a New York minute! Are you kidding?

  5. the water is like crack, isn’t it? i almost think the human affection for big water, rhythmic surf and miles and miles of sand is genetically for boardwalk food? bring it! i have acquired a taste for deep fried oreos. food of the fattest gods…

  6. Map: Mrs. Wife is Irish, so I know all about the sun hazard.Daisy: There IS something hypnotizing about sitting on the beach and listening to the waves come in. I’ve eaten tons of boardwalk food but still can’t get past the deep fried oreos. Someday, maybe.HIF: You’ll need to lower your culinary standards but Boardwalk food can’t be beat.MT: For the time being, these single days are all I can take.Pat: I know nothing at all about Camber Sands. I am merely quoting pop geniuses Squeeze.

  7. Those surfing shots look about as appealing as our winter shores look at the moment!Before I had my bub I was one of those people you may have been wondering about why they weren’t working, I was just cruising around cafes, walking, beaching, drinking beers with friends, and my reason was just that i choose to. I worked part time and lived off very little money because I enjoyed the freedom more than anything. Now that i have a bub that time seemed a more precious gift than ever!

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