The REAL reason I visit my family: Part II

This probably isn’t going to have as wide an appeal as his bar-b-que ribs, but bro-in-law also knows how to glamor a package of bratwurst. Bratwurst, for the (unfortunate) uninitiated, are a German sausage that contains either veal, beef or pork. Or it could be all three for all I know. I’m not entirely sure, nor do I have any interest in finding out.

You could slap ’em on a grill and that’d be fine, but do you know what’s really good? Poke each brat 4x with a fork and allow those puppies to simmer for about :45 minutes in concoction of beer, onions and garlic.


At this point they’re ready for the grill. Put them over a hot flame until the skin becomes crispy. I like mine to be just a bit blackened.


Some common cheeseburgers were grilled for those who have more pedestrian tastes. Believe it or not, there are people who would turn their noses up at a grilled bratwurst. Like a certain wife I know.


All you need to do is drape a little Gulden’s Spicy Brown mustard on and THAT’S IT. They don’t need sauerkraut, relish, ketchup or any other condiment. You’ll ruin it. You don’t want to do anything to mask the flavor of the sausage. A little leftover potato salad and cole slaw on the side is highly recommended.


13 thoughts on “The REAL reason I visit my family: Part II

  1. Hubby saved your post about the ribs and we are going to make them. Thanks for the info on that. And now we will be saving the one for the the brats. We don’t have any beer here so I would try ginger ale. Now you need to post his recipe for potato salad and hubby and I are good to go.

  2. Beer brats? oh, lawd… this is killing me. Haven’t had a yummy, properly soaked/toasted beer brat in ages… like you? i have no interest in knowing what a brat consists of…

  3. TB: Actually, the potato salad is home made, as well. I sat on the deck and helped peel a dozen eggs. It’s all I did to contribute to these astonishing meals.Daisy: Do you know what the casing on a sausage is? If you don’t, I wouldn’t recommend finding out. Pat: Sausage and mash is a big favorite on my personal menu. I only ever get it when I eat in either an English or Irish pub in the city.

  4. Um, nope, not so appealing to a vegetarian. But I imagine my own enthusiasm for Boca-brand veggie brats is probably questionable to folks who appreciate the real thing.And I like mine in the winter with a small scoop of vegetarian black bean chili. yummy.

  5. I was under the impression that if you were buying your brats in America, you’re almost always getting the fake version of the casing, made from non-animal things, but here in the Germany – it’s always real…and always only with mustard. And a tiny teensie bun so the brat sticks out on either end by at least 2 inches! Funny…but delicious.

  6. Point: I see your point completely. I know a lot of folks are squeamish about sausage but if you can see past what it actually is, you can have quite a nice meal.Sally: I was unaware that the casing was made from non-animal products. I am quite happy to hear that, as thinking about the casing could cause me to never touch a sausage again.HIF: The image of mayo spread on my brat is enough to make me weep. Mrs. Wife puts ketchup on steak. Can you imagine?

  7. I love anything sausage, and will definitely try this beery way with a brat in the next week or so. Is there a perfect brat beer, and, is it best to drink the same beer you cook them in or do you need a contrast?

  8. ES: You’ve asked poignant questions. I am not much of a beer aficionado. They all taste basically the same to me, which I know is a silly thing to say. Go with your favorite beer, I suppose. You can’t go wrong.Mama: Many Eastern Europeans settled in the Midwest/Great Lakes region and they brought their special dishes with them. I like Eastern European food. You never leave the table hungry.

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