As if the New Jersey Turnpike wasn’t dangerous enough

I was driving southbound on the New Jersey Turnpike and right around Newark Airport, a billboard with an attention-getting red background caught my eye. I almost drove through a guardrail and onto the airport tarmac once I got close enough to read it.


It’s that lunatic Dick Cheney’s big stupid face looking down on all us poor motorists. It should say (Actual Size) right below his photo.


Over the course of the summer, the Hilton Hotel in Atlantic City has, bizarrely, hosted a speaker series that featured the right-wing demigods who have driven the Republican party over a cliff. Bill O’Reilly spoke. Glen Beck. Ann Coulter. Is that how you’d like to spend your summer evening at the shore casinos? Listening to these bottom-feeders spew their hatred and lies?

The aforementioned are all part of a media conglomerate and it’s not surprising to see them out on speaking tours. But seeing Dick Cheney’s face up there is a little upsetting, and not a little dangerous at 70 mph. Here’s a guy who spent eight years hiding in secret bunkers pulling puppet strings. You couldn’t find him anywhere! But now his soft, plump, white face is on a billboard scaring New Jersey motorists. Another chicken hawk from the previous administration who callously sent people off to war while going to extreme lengths to avoid service himself. Some patriot. Ptu.

The reason he always gives that crooked closed-mouth grin is that if he parted his lips, you’d see the blood dripping from his teeth. Hide the women and children.


For what it’s worth, I voted for Obama, but I think his presidency has, thus far, been a terrible disappointment. But the GOP had nothing to offer as an alternative. I can’t think of one single plank of the Republican platform that I can get behind. I’ve voted for Republicans in the past—I’ve never been a party-line voter—but the crazies have seized control of the GOP.

20 thoughts on “As if the New Jersey Turnpike wasn’t dangerous enough

  1. it was big news recently that Cheney has a mechanical assist now to keep the blood flowing. the story was that it replaced his defective heart.apparently the little robot is just as cold as the lump of flesh it replaced…

  2. frightening billboard indeed. my consolation is that I have the right to vote, so I’m counting on using mine to cancel out the vote of someone who stands to the right of my own political opinion. Can’t say I’m impressed with any accomplishments of the Obama administration, but we do have to acknowledge that his first step in the door was into a big stinking mess.

  3. I was getting such a kick out of reading your post I forwarded it to my hubby’s computer. He will definitely have something to say. All I can say is that I am so glad not to live there and have to see that billboard. Hiding out in our little hippie house in Nebraska keeps my heart rate down.

  4. Point: Can’t we get a decent politician in office? I don’t care which party s/he’s with. Just someone good.MP: My dad was a Dick, too, In more ways than one.Savannah: That’s an old Chinese curse. Or so I’ve heard.Pat: His official portrait is just a bizarre thing to come across in the middle of a highway.TB: I know someone in Nebraska. It’s kind of conservative there, isn’t it? I think there are pockets of Omaha that buck the state trend.kyknoord: I’m a big dick and it hasn’t done a damn thing for me.

  5. Since the Citizens United decision, there won’t be another president. There will be a bought-and- paid-for official who will live in the White House, but a president, no. I agree. Obama had it all going, and his codependency made him fear the bad bad things Republicans said about him, as well as those wingnut bloggers I shan’t mention here. But you gotta hand it to the Republicans. They invaded and occupied Iraq, killing a million Iraqis and destroying one of the oldest cultures on earth. All to re-elect Shrub.Shrub crashed the economy with the wars and tax cuts, bailed out Wall Street, put unemployed families on the street after killing their mortgages and unemployment, and their zombie liars blamed it all on Obama. I will predict though, that the two years before the next election will feature so many horrifying “conservative” ideas claimed as “the middle” that the TV watching public will promptly throw them back out of office.Not before the whining crying Darrel Issa impeaches Obama a few times, though.It’s never been clear sailing for this liberal, but the political seas are about to go Cat Five, and they ain’t no HAARP the push the storms away.

  6. I too think he is a cyborg. Or just part of the Borg.But as I’ve said so often, blah blah blah, I’m possibly the only one in these parts who doesn’t resent that administration (with the exception of the Borg)…Any billboard with that guy’s face…mmmppphh…

  7. James: I’m not sure if it was a sarcasm or not but you really do have to hand it to the GOP. They are organizational geniuses. They know how to stay on point and keep their troops in line.Hi Leah. Nice to see you. I’m aware of your politics. I think you and I are among the rational segment of the populous who can disagree and refrain from the name-calling and bile. I think it would have been a different, better, eight years without that guy around.

  8. Dinah: As I said in my response to Leah; I think the U.S. and, if I may be so arrogant, the world, would be in a much better place today if it weren’t for that guy.S.Le: He’s just so damn unlikeable. Not that he care about being liked. But, yes, let’s call a spade a spade. He’s a dick.Nurse: That’s all it took?! And I was ready for the usual unending begging.

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