The best table in New Jersey

If you go to Asbury Park and walk to the far end of the boardwalk, you’ll find an utterly charming diner called Dorian’s. There’s nothing at all wrong with the food. In fact, as you are about to see, it can be quite delectable. But just look at this view from the booths. It’s right on the beach! I can’t wait until I’m retired so I can go there and sit with my laptop and drink cup after cup after cup of coffee and watch the waves roll in. It must be a pretty great place to watch a storm roll in off the Atlantic.


I ordered a pork roll sandwich. Pork roll is a local delicacy that’s also known as Taylor ham. It’s a breakfast meat. For the life of me, I cannot understand why Taylor ham has not made its way outside of New Jersey. It’s fantastic. It’s like Canadian bacon but much saltier, which is to say, much more flavor-full


A Taylor ham sandwich is served on a roll and is accompanied by two over easy eggs and cheese. See the cheese dripping out in the picture above? Don’t you wish you had one right now? I sure do. Add a little salt and pepper and you’re ready to go.


You can walk off that big fat sandwich by strolling up and down the boardwalk. Or, you can ride one of these. They’re beach cruisers. They’re made of thick tube steel and have fat tires and baskets. You seem them on boardwalks all up and down the Jersey Shore.


Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie
for tellin’ fortunes better than they do?
For me this boardwalk life is through, baby

4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
Bruce Springsteen


Southside Johnny at the Stone Pony. You can’t get more Jersey than this, folks.


12 thoughts on “The best table in New Jersey

  1. i wanna be there now.i wanna sit in that booth.I wanna see them waves,i wanna tell the truth.i wanna see my friend,i wanna shake his handi wanna see his facei wanna shake his handon the Jersey shore, on the warm wet sandi wanna wait no moreit’s gonna be so grand.

  2. Yeah I’m with Nurse Myra. Egg and bacon and possibly tomato but with cheese and orange. Blimey! You’ll be adding syrup next;)Is there anything better than nosh with the ocean?Nosh – a common word for food.

  3. Daisy: Can you imagine the Jukes at a tiny club like the Stone Pony? They play there a couple times a years.Map: That’s a damn lyrical comment. Thanks! It makes me wonder what the tune was in your head that you set it to.Nurse: Believe it or not that’s just for show. To add color to the plate.Pat: Nosh! Yes, I knew that one! You didn’t trip me with one of you clever British colloquialisms this time.Nutty: You can’t treat yourself once in a while? Did you have to go completely cold turkey?

  4. There is a Dorian’s Diner in LIC, right near the subway. Friends who’ve visited love the place and always ask to go back there. Must be something to do with the name. As for the bikes on the boardwalk, they look a lot like my first bike, a used Schwinn with balloon tires. Still remember the day I learned how to ride a two-wheeler.

  5. ES: You got it exactly right. That place IS a dream. It has sassy diner waitresses, too.kykn: You raise a good point. What if became TOO popular? Then the price would skyrocket. It might become scarce. It’s best kept a secret, I suppose.Sharon: It’s got less to do with the “Dorian” part and more to do with the “diner” part. Only nauseating food snobs don’t like diners.

  6. I was there and can attest to the excellent fare and breathtaking views. I had a chicken salad club and it was huge – and I ate the whole thing! Great day with the family!

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