They did that on purpose…didn’t they?

Take a look at the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan:


PLEASE tell me that the Gyno News feature blurb is placed there intentionally. Because I don’t want to believe that the editors of Cosmo are so vapid and clueless that they didn’t realize what they were doing. Am I thinking too much?

Speaking of clueless…I love the lead article—50 Ways to Seduce a Man (In a Minute or Less). Don’t make me laugh. Ladies, I will tell you how to seduce a man in two seconds. Walk up to your intended prey and in a soft voice, purr the following:

Would you like to sleep with me?

Presto! Men have a hard time putting up any resistance to a girl who is offering up her goodies. It’s biology!

* * *

In 2010, General Electric posted a profit of $14.2 billion. The portion of that profit generated in the United States was $5.1 billion. That’s profit, folks, above operating costs. A pretty damn good year considering there’s a worldwide recession.

Guess how much General Electric paid in taxes on that $5.1 billion?


Not only did they not pay a cent in taxes, they actually claimed a $3.2 billion tax benefit.

They accomplished this through perfectly legal accounting practices. They employ an army of aggressive tax lobbyists in Washington and have a tax department that’s staffed by former officials of the Treasury Department, the I.R.S. and members of Congressional tax-writing committees.

I cannot tell you how angry I get when I read this stuff. I actively try to avoid news of this ilk because it causes me to lay in bed at night, stare at the ceiling and stew in my juices. It’s very difficult for me to un-read something.

17 thoughts on “They did that on purpose…didn’t they?

  1. of course it is on purpose. as for the “ways to seduce a man”? check every issue of Cosmo for the past 30 years and there will be SOMETHING on the cover of the same ilk.Should you bother to read the article – which i will only do when i see a dog-eared copy lying about at Big Gay Chuck’s Big Gay Hair Salon? You will find the “advice” to be idiotic. And not too far off from your suggestion… my astonishment lies in the fact that women keep paying good money for that stinkin’ bullshit.

  2. daisy: I am shocked to hear that so much theory and discussion has been put into seducing a man. I always assumed it was pretty easy pickings. Big Gay Chuck’s Big Gay Hair Salon = LOL!MIT: Its so bloody unfair. I pay my taxes. You pay yours. Why should they be exempt? I hate them. I hate politicians. I hate Washington. nurse: Sorry to exacerbate your symptoms with my blog post. I’m up all night thinking about this. You have ulcers. We’re a mess!

  3. just let me try some of that “perfectly legal accounting” crap and see how far the irs would crawl up my ass with an audit! jaysus! now, tell me why anyone in their right mind thinks that tax code reform is going to hurt people making UNDER 250k a year? arrgggghhh!p.s. good thing it grey and rainy here otherwise i’d be pissed about a gorgeous day being ruined, sugar! xoxox ;~D

  4. I have an image in my head of you taking a picture of the above magazine in the newsagents, and people watching you thinking, “What a fuckin’ weirdo! Buy the shit if it turns you on that much!” Hey that’s how my head works! :¬)

  5. Not only do GE not pay tax, they also make a good deal of the nuclear weaponary that so many countries seem to be fighting for these days. Of course, they won’t admit it openly but those parts have to come from somewhere…..

  6. map: You haven’t taken into account my stealth camera skills. As clandestine as anything in an Ian Fleming novel.Hem: Did you have to say that? Did I not hate GE enough? Now I hate them with special sauce on top.kykn: Would it take 50 times? And I don’t like nagging, but if you’re going to be nagged, this is the way to go, if you ask me.

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