The hardest I’ve ever laughed (not counting that nitrous oxide incident)

I try to use superlatives sparingly. If you use them too often, they lose their luster and your credibility is shot. Not everything can be the best or the brightest or the most clever.

But I’m going to go on a limb and say that The Book of Mormon, the new Broadway musical, is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding, bitches. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the guys who write South Park, got together with Robert Lopez, who wrote the music for Avenue Q and created a modern masterpiece.

I’d be very careful as to who I’d recommended this to. It’s not for everyone. There are some extraordinarily vulgar and crude things being said and done on stage. The creators of the show are clearly not believers. The humor is all derived from actual Mormon doctrine. I had a Mormon girlfriend when I lived in Phoenix and I read The Book of Mormon to try and get inside of her head. The jokes in the show that seem the most outlandish and get the biggest laughs are actual teachings from the book! But the the magic trick is that they don’t slander Mormons or religion. It’s a celebration of blind, stupid faith.

I rarely, rarely see anything twice. If I get a night-out chit, I want to use it to see something new. But I already have tickets for another dose of this show in April. Little Miss Daisyfae will be in town on business and I’m dragging her with me. She gets her hands dirty in her local community theater, so I think she’ll have an appreciation for what happens on stage from a technical standpoint. It’ll be nice to show her what can be done with a monster budget at your disposal. And I’m fairly certain she can handle the blue material.

26 thoughts on “The hardest I’ve ever laughed (not counting that nitrous oxide incident)

  1. i absolutely cannot wait! given that i try hard to practice the creative arts of recreational blasphemy on a regular basis, studying under the tutelage of none other than kyknoord himself, this is going to be a treat….

  2. I wonder if there will be a production in our local Mormon church? YES , we have a Mormon church in our ‘hood! (They have given up on me though, and I think I am on some sort of list now!) Always very neat though, very neat! :¬)(WV = ‘diebiotch’!)

  3. MIT: I wish it had opened when you were in town. I think it would have taken your breath I am *shocked* to hear that Mormons walk amongst your folk. I heard several interviews with the authors and they said they had no intention of insulting Mormons. They said Mormons are, in fact, the kind of people you’d want to live next to. [Fun fact: when the mob moved into Las Vegas, they hired Mormons to handle the money because they can be trusted.] Amazing how they toe that line because a lot of humor is born from the truly idiotic things found in the Book of Mormon. (diebiotch = LOL!)

  4. @daisyfae: If you wanted to whet your whistle on more Trey Parker/Matt Stone fun and games, albeit vintage, check out their previous movies: “Cannibal! The Musical”, “Orgasmo” (more Mormon jokes here), and “BASEketball”. They are pretty funny guys. For Americans. And that says a lot, coming from a Canuck an’ all.

  5. Rob: Did you see their Team America: World Police puppet movie? Pretty good stuff. Their humor does have a Canadian sensibility to it. (I’m not sure what that means.)Hem: All new stuff and has nothing whatsoever to do with South Park, although the Jesus voiceover sounds suspiciously like Cartman.

  6. Pat: I think there are going to be a lot of walk-outs by people who didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into.nurse: I wish there was a transporter beam that could plop you in a seat next to Daisy. What a laugh you’d have!

  7. When I lived on Maui, there were swarms of Mormon missionary boys on bicycles. The show looks like a good way to see what they were on about, short of a house-call and brochures!

  8. The hardest you’ve ever laughed? That’s some recommendation, lucky Daisyfae! I think I have a book of Mormon stuff somewhere, which I’m rather tempted to look out and read.What was ‘that nitrous oxide incident’?

  9. kono: I can’t imagine you’ve ever considered attending a Broadway musical but I’ll bet you’d laugh you ass off at this.xl: Best zinger my Mormon girlfriend ever delivered: A guy said, “I’m about to go on my mission. This is your last chance to make out with me.” She shot back: “If I made out with you, you wouldn’t GO on your mission.” SNAP!Eryl: When I was younger and in my *ahem* pharmaceutical phase, we used to buy nitrous oxide canisters and huff it. They were called “whippits.” Much laughter ensued.

  10. I saw Team America and had to stop the DVD several times I was laughing so hard. I will definitely see this one. I have an ex-Mormon living in my attic (true story!) and she’s told me some of the most outrageous things…Pearl

  11. This is the number one thing my husband and I want to do. Unfortunately we missed out on the cheap seats and will have to blow a fortune. We are so SO SO SO excited.

  12. Pearl: See it and if you don’t like it, I’ll refund the cost of your ticket!Leah: I’m sure the Playbill discount will return sooner or later but if you can spare the cash, go now. It’s worth the cost, which is a rare thing.

  13. Hey man can’t i be like cultured and shit? i know i’m half neanderthal but you know i dress up well now and then. a list of things i’ve seen, all pretty standard i must admit- Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music (i think i was pretty high) and my personal favorite Les Miserables, those songs effing kill man, besides in the burgh there all in the Benedum aka the Old Stanley Theater, the last place Robert Nesta Marley ever performed.

  14. kono: Based on your taste in music, that I can only judge via your blog, I assumed that you, like most of America, would (justifiably) find musicals to be dull and insipid. This one is the exception though. So solly. Didn’t mean to reduce you to a stereotype. I do that A LOT.

  15. I have nothing against Mormons and their fantasies about heaven and life on earth, they are good neighbors. But I don’t want them ringing my doorbell. Nor do I want 7th day adventists, baptists, pentecostals, or anyone else for that matter who is trying to sell me a bill of goods about how the universe works.That must be one great show, to make you want to go again so soon. I’m envying daisyfae her treat.

  16. There is a musical I think I could love. Avenue Q … meh … it was a lot softer than I was led to believe. Throw the South Park guys into the mix …. I’m sure it’s fab!

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