How a bona fide tough guy inscribes a book

A poem should be written so that a whore, a stockbroker, a garbage collector, an aviator, a jockey, a baker, a child molester, a saint, a fool and a genius can understand it.

Charles Bukowski

If you’re familiar with Bukowski’s work, you know how much he adhered to that philosophy.

That’s the inscription in one of my Bukowski first editions. In this month’s column over at the Undie Press, I discuss Bukowski’s talent for inscribing and also say some unflattering things about a beloved, dead author. Enjoy!

* * *

If you haven’t already done so, click to the comments in my last post and read JZ’s fascinating history lesson. It’s got more gravitas than anything I’ve written here.

12 thoughts on “How a bona fide tough guy inscribes a book

  1. We all have our flaws, Buk was a righteous cat any way you slice it, now as for DFW i will speak ill of the dead, i was once called all kinds of names on a message board because i stated how over-rated he was, mainly gimmicks and technically sound prose with no heart or guts, gotta feeling Buk would agree.

  2. for me? your best column yet… especially the vagina reference. if you can work a vagina reference into a literary review? you deserve a pulitzer or something…

  3. Kono: I’ve always found his stuff to be too academic and dull. I’m not even sure why I was getting the signatures. SF: Those are among my favorite books in my library. Daisy: Wow! That’s some high praise, baby! I owe you a drink at the Campbell Apartment. Come and get it.

  4. Thank you again for formerly introducing me to Bukowski. I’m now following Undie Press on Twitter and Facebook so should not miss any more of your columns.

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