Young, nearly naked, lithe and Irish. 0% body fat.

I could take the high road and say I was interested in seeing this show to study its aesthetics, but instead I’ll tell the truth. I was intrigued by this provocative and highly effective ad:


Just look at them. Couldn’t you just eat them up? They’re dancers and you can see them in a blast furnace of a show called NOĊTÚ that’s in previews at the Irish Rep.

I’ve started this sentence three times and still cannot find the right combination of words to convey how much fun this show is. And, mind you, I’m not a big fan of dance. It’s choreographed and directed by Riverdance Principal Dancer Breandán de Gallaí, but to simply call it “Irish dancing” seems wholly inadequate. It uses traditional step dancing merely as a jumping off point.

Maybe it’s because the Irish Rep is such a small venue and the dancers are right in your FACE. (I’m not certain it would work as well in a larger house.) Or perhaps it’s the perfect song selections. Or maybe it’s because they’re such accomplished dancers (they all have impressive bios). But this is such a powerful piece of theater. I wish I could take you to see it.

13 superb dancers wind their way through routines choreographed to the likes of Björk, Goldfrapp, Leonard Cohen (of course) and Kate Bush. There’s a seductive pas de trois to Imelda May’s My Big Bad Handsome Man that made me wish I had taken more chances when I was in my 20s. There’s a section of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite that’s worth another viewing (which I hope to get before word gets out and tickets vanish). Although, please, can you spare me the false ending? It’s unnecessary. False endings are right up there with audience participation for spoiling my night out.

* * *

Can the Irish Rep ever do wrong?! It would seem not. Their next show is the rarely performed Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel. The autumn theater season is just underway. Tonight, it’s seasoned pro Frank Langella in Terrence Rattigan’s 1963 drama Man and Boy at the Roundabout. It’s time, once again, for those dreary theater posts that you all pass over.

* * *

I did not listen to the President’s speech last night. Nor did I watch the Republican presidential candidate debate on Wednesday. My apathy towards politicians is at an absolute nadir. None of those fucking clowns can help me with my problem. No one can. I have to figure it out for myself. We should all pray that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs for President. There’s a guy who could light the political fires under my ass again. But this current crop? Worse than useless.

13 thoughts on “Young, nearly naked, lithe and Irish. 0% body fat.

  1. i would love naked irish dancers slithering to the strains of Cohen. i’m just going to have to come back…theater season is underway here as well. saw a terrific production of “The Oldest Profession” about aging prostitutes in NYC during the Reagan years. the actresses were fantastic!but i was mildly deflated… the director had asked me to audition. even sent me a script. MY NECK ISN’T CREPEY YET, DAMN IT!

  2. “Worse than useless” Truer words have never been written. To paraphrase Mr. Springsteen, “It’s not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing. It’s a moron thing.” I’m tempted to write my name and the word lithe in the same sentence b/c otherwise they’ll never end up there under any circumstance.

  3. *sigh**double sigh*damn, but i really do live in the wrong city, sugar! but, just so you know, your theater reviews keep me hip in my own personal world of i’d see that if i lived in nyc and for that, i am grateful!xoxox

  4. Looks like a Dolce and Gabbana advert. A commentator in the Guardian said that Obama played quite a good trick of getting the Republicans to appear to oppose even policies that were theirs in origin.Just as over here, it seems as though you have the choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweddle Dum.

  5. I always remember my hair standing on end when I first saw the famous Irish dancing with Flatley. Made me proud of my drops of Irish blood.I love your theatre write – ups.BTW have you any thoughts on ‘One day’ – film or book?

  6. Sav: I’m happy to provide a service. Think you’ll ever make it up here?looby: I’m angry that it seems Obama can’t shift to high gear until his back is against the wall. I’ve worked for people like him and they’ll drive you nuts. Pat: It made me glad I married someone Irish. And One Day is not on my radar.

  7. I was looking for a book to read while hubby was fishing on the boat last week and I would sun…I picked up the book One Day and on the back there was a post a post by Nick Hornby since he did so much for you I figured I would give it a shot. Love the book 65 pages to go wonder if he has any more suggestions?MT

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