Yankee stench

The New York Yankees, a morally bankrupt organization who single-handedly destroyed competition in baseball and forced the city of New York to foot the bill for its new stadium, have come up with a slew of nutty ways to whore its name and logo for the sake of a buck. Naming their most bizarre stunt is a tough call but I’d say it’s a toss-up between a container of infield dirt from the game when shortstop Derek Jeter broke the 3,000 hit mark ($250), or a pair of used, stinky socks that Jeter wore during that game ($1,000).

The baseball season is just underway and to commemorate the playoff spot this fall that the Yankees have already purchased, they’ve developed…Yankee cologne and perfume!

The ads are running in the finer subway lines.

You, too, can stink like a Yankee. What does a Legend smell like? I haven’t had the pleasure yet but I imagine it’s the stench of freshly printed money mixed with the fragrance that rises off the streets outside Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx on a sweltering August afternoon. Take a big whiff, Yankee fans. Only $62 for a 3.4 ounce bottle. Suckers.

* * *

Here are my three dependents.


I voted for a cat but when the ballots were counted it was a landslide in favor of a dog. People have assured me that since I was the most reluctant, I’d be the one who grew closest to her. Well, I’m still waiting for that magic to happen. How much longer? Does anyone know? The dog is definitely on the road to being less stupid—she doesn’t nip as much as she used to and barks when she need to evacuate—but she still has a ways to go before she’s as smart as even the dumbest cat. She still thinks that cigarette butts and worms are food.

12 thoughts on “Yankee stench

  1. very cool site, sugar! i have a friend in the UK who does the same sort of thing on the tube. i’d post the link, but it’s all on the facebook now. xoxoxoxo

  2. you may never grow to love the dog. but don’t you love what he’s done for your girls? that fuzzball is going to get them through some tough years. that fur can absorb a lot of tears. they will use that name as a password for the rest of their lives…

  3. sav: That site is one of those great ideas just lying around waiting for someone to discover it. Wish I had thought of it first!looby: I actually have a picture of that sign in my iPhone and was going to post it but she beat me to the punch! People are put-off by how aloof cats are. In fact, that’s the very thing I admire about them. One man’s aloofness is another man’s cool.daisy: It’s true. I did it for the girls and it has already paid off in big dividends. The Daughters worship Coco and she, them.

  4. NYYankeefragrance… the smell of urinal cake, cigarette butts and a bit of Goose Gossage sweat… I’ll take my Tribe any day of the week, so what if he lose? at least we are not Satan’s minions. Maybe.

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