pot·pour·ri [poh-poo-ree, poh-poo-ree] Noun.
3. a collection of miscellaneous literary extracts.

I haven’t had much time to read or comment this week. That’s soooo unoriginal. It’s the same complaint that everyone has. I’m guest posting next week elsewhere in the ether. Here’s a smattering of tidbits to fill in the gap between now and then.


Do you guys know what these are? They’re new to me.


They’re called claw caps. They keep kitty from tearing the settee to shreds.


My sister claims the cat doesn’t mind one bit and there’s never a fight to put them on. They swap them out when they’re worn. My understanding is that the cat is currently sporting hot pink claw caps. They’re genius. If I had invented them, I’d be posting this from Fiji right now.


I saw this in The New York Times yesterday.

us advisors

Yeah, that’s a GREAT idea. Let’s send some “advisers” to Africa. In 1955, British author Graham Greene published his novel The Quiet American. It predicted America’s slide into the Vietnam conflict with alarming accuracy. He wrote it after meeting an American “adviser” there. When the book was published, it was roundly condemned as being anti-American. It’s a hell of a read.



Take a look at this spectacular sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn. It was briefly on display in the lobby of an office tower off of 6th Avenue over the Christmas holiday. I love it.


This is Force of Nature II. I’m not a huge fan of sculpture but I was really moved by this. Enough to come in off the street and take it in. The earth’s continents are etched into the globe.


I love the violent, wind-swept movement. It’s nice an big, too! It has a lot of interesting different angles.


Fun fact: Quinn is the son of actor Anthony Quinn. He’s a hell of a sculptor, that’s for sure. Here are some of his selected works.

90 thoughts on “Potpourri

    • Aren’t condoms kind of close to claw caps? Made of rubber. Covers something that can cause a lot of damage if you’re not careful.

      Stop teasing me about Fiji. That’s just mean. I hit a breaking point this morning. I came around the corner on 7th Avenue and a cold blast of wind hit me. I wept.

  1. Claw caps–who would’ve thunk it? I have great admiration for people who come up with these ideas and strike it rich (though I have no idea if the maker of claw caps has hit the big time). But think of the Post-it Note guy. Bet HE’S in Fiji right now…

    • It sure beats the hell out of ripping their claws out, which I understand a lot of veterinarians won’t even do anymore. All we need is that one good idea and we’re SET. How many times have you heard that?

    • Post-its were an accident.
      A researcher at 3M noticed some goop he’d left on a counter stayed tacky without drying out. He put it on the back of a note and saw he could hag it and pull it off again and again.
      And voila! Corporate profits!
      (No idea if he got a bonus, but I hope so.)

      • I had a dream once that I was stuck in an office conference room completely naked! The only thing in the room, aside from the furniture, was a box of post-it notes. Well, you can imagine what I had to do. But I didn’t just make a pair of post-it briefs. I covered myself from neck to ankle with post-it notes. Why did I bother?

      • Actually, my brother writes software for a major insurance company and if he comes up with some unique and/or original coding that leads to some kind of financial windfall, guess what he gets?


        It was created on company time using company equipment so they own the patent. Thank you, corporate America!

      • Not at all. After I read your previous comment, I was thinking, “What motivation do the employees have to innovate if they see none of the financial benefits?”

  2. I wonder about claw caps for Ms.Geiger.She is determined to eliminate all sofas and shoes! By the way, de-clawing is a cruel mis-nomer. Illegal here as it’s actually amputation of toes. I wonder how long the caps would last as our cats go outside.

    The Quinn statue? Thanks so much for posting about it.I’d have loved it.Lorenzo’s got his dad’s talent.

    Oh god! Now I have to have a cold shower…

    • A guy I work with had his cats de-clawed. He said he didn’t want them wrecking his furniture. And he lets them outside! They can’t even defend themselves! He’s a pig. I hate him.

      You should see Quinn’s son! Hubba-hubba. Click on that link to his other work and go to his home page. What a dashing young lad. You’ll need a second shower.

  3. Neat statue. I’m not much of an art connoisseur (had to look up that spelling) so this question may sound stupid – but where’s the figure’s head? Is the head the silver ball (world) that she/he is trying to lasso? Or is the head under the cloak? Whatever, it is a powerful image. Oh, claw caps – haven’t seen them before, but I walked into a craft store the other day and they had a special on of nail polish for pets. Needless to say this particular store targets women.

    • Hi Paul. Nice avatar!

      You don’t have to be an art connoisseur to enjoy art. I hate the idea that one person’s opinion is more important than another. That’s preposterous. The fact that you feel it’s a powerful image is all that matters. That’s it! The entire body, including the head, is beneath the cloak. Perhaps if you click on it it’ll blow-up and it’ll become clearer. It was pretty impressive to stand in front of.

      • Yes, I can see the shape of the head when it is enlarged – thanks. I was afraid there was some meaning I was missing. There is a funny story about the avatar. My ex is a Director at Canada Post’s head office and she saw it as a screen saver on an IT guy’s administative screen. She sent it to me and said it reminded her of me. I’m still not sure what she meant by that (‘You couldn’t do it slow if you tried’; ‘ You fly by and leave a big mess behind you’ ; ‘ You fly way too close to the ground and are going to crash soon’ ; ‘You couldn’t drive anything that required more than one oerson to operate’ ; etc) – and there was no way I was going to ask. I liked it, so I’ve used it since. I pretend she meant it nice. And I just bought some shares in a bridge in Brooklyn too. Ha!

  4. Soft Paws is what I have seen them called. My friend’s cat likes to chew them off, but their furniture still looks nice 🙂

    I love that statue!

  5. The son of Anthony Quinn. Without even looking it up, I’d guess he had many siblings and half-siblings. If I had a claw-capped cat, I’d teach it to scratch my back – it’s the least it could do in return for all the stroking.

    • All of his siblings and half-siblings should pray they’re as dashing and talented as Lorenzo. That’s even a dashing name. Lorenzo. So swarthy. His sculptures are great, to boot!

      Nobody knows this about me but I’ll do practically anything for a decent back scratch. It’s my thing. I wonder if I can slip these things on the dog’s claws and teach it to walk on me?

  6. Are those cat claw things only for indoor cats? I think the cats might struggle with things outdoors if they can’t grip properly. Definitely better than declawing! I was shocked when I lived in the states for a few years and learned about declawing, I’d never heard of it in the UK.

      • Well if she does, I hope she doesn’t think I’m being judgmental – I’ve never seen these before so I don’t actually know anything about them, I was just thinking about how my cats scrabble up trees and fences, and that I’m not sure they would be able to do that if they couldn’t claw properly, but I could be completely wrong!

    • Our cat stay’s inside. I wouldn’t put these on an outdoor cat for that exact reason. They last a couple of weeks (usually about a month) they come in packs of 20-different colors and are only about $15.00. Right now he has hot pink/white. Dexter does not bother with them he is too busy trying to figure out how to catch the dogs tale.

  7. That sculpture is awesome! I’m torn between deciding if he’s trying to restrain the globe or he’s in the middle of a hammer throw. Either way, great imagery.

    • It’s a really powerful image. I think the world is speeding away and he’s trying to capture it. I wish it was a permanent fixture but, sadly, it’s long gone. What a surprise it was! I saw it from the sidewalk as I walked by.

      • Imagine that thing in your front yard?? You’d see it from space, never mind the sidewalk! I love that kind of thing, such talent to be able to see something that massive in your head and then make it come to life…bit like your writing really, mate.

  8. Africa doesn’t necessarily turn out like another Vietnam. It might also become another Afghanistan, where we train and arm them, only to have them turn against us.

    • I’m very fortunate to have a lot of really interesting art in such close proximity. Click on that guy’s site and look at his other stuff. It’s dramatic and, most importantly, accessible. Accessibility is key. I walk through museums and see a lot of stuff that looks like the artist is mad at his audience.

  9. When the elephants fight the grass suffers. I wish I could say I like that sculpture. To me, it looks like a paperweight Darth Maul might have on his desk. My husband wanted to become a mogul via silly bands but it never panned out– I’ll have to tell him about the fake cat talons. What does the collarbone tattoo say?

    • I hate writing LOL but your paperweight comment really did make me laugh out loud! That’s pretty accurate but I still like it.

      Where was I when silly bands needed to be thought-up. And now those rubber band looms. Every year or two something catches fire and someone cashes in.

      I have no idea what the tattoo says. It belongs to my niece and I’ve never asked. I should probably be more involved but I’m kind of detached from the human race.

  10. Oh those cat claw covers are such a good idea. We had to have a cat declawed once so we could take it to our new place. That cat developed mental problems. The claw covers would be much more humane. Oh no I hope we don’t start getting involved in Africa’s problems!! Gads we will never learn, will we? And that is one cool sculpture. Oh and what is ether?

  11. we’re already involved on the continent of africa, if nothing else, but to keep the chinese from gobbling it up. *sigh* thanks for the link to the sculptor. xoxoxox

  12. Those claw guards are good because you don’t have to de-claw them, so it’s less invasive. Could we do the same thing about neutering? Like a red rocket guard that stops everyone from having to see the dog’s “lipstick” make an appearance and him cumming his dog cum all over the place?

  13. I still need to pick up “The Quiet American,” as you have recommended.
    And those cat things… at first I thought you were going to show off the fact that you’d painted your cats nails and I was going to be an equal mix of impressed and slightly uncomfortable.

  14. I’m looking into those Cat Caps, thank you. Graham Greene’s The Comedians is my favorite of his…not much has changed in Haiti, although it has gotten worse.

    • I absolutely love The Comedians. It shows that not only was Greene a brilliant writer of suspense, but he was also an adept humorist. Blueprints for a vacuum cleaner mistaken for a gigantic weapon?! Over the lust for a girl?! Hilarious.

      • No, wasn’t the vacuum cleaner from Our Man in Havana? I loved that, too. The Comedians is not funny at all as I recall. It’s about Haiti.

  15. The sculpture to me looked like he was trying to catch his head…..you know “I am loosing my mind and I need to catch it”

    • My sister just sent me photos of the cat’s new claw caps. They’re red and white stripe. Like candy canes. The cat doesn’t mind a bit about having them on. She still rakes the furniture and thinks she’s bad.

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