A public service announcement. Gruesome pics. Viewer discretion is advised.

I debated whether or not to write this. I did an identical post four years ago so why repeat myself? Why preach and berate and bore you with the same tired sermon? But I’ve decided to pulpit-up and warn you about the dangers of overexposure to the sun. Some disturbing imagery follows so if you’re squeamish, bail out now.

For the second time in four years, I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. It’s a benign form of skin cancer that (thankfully) rarely metastasizes beyond the original tumor site. You get it from going to the beach year after year and not using enough sunscreen. As my dermatologist hectored, even wearing strong sunblock is no guarantee. He said that people mistake a high SPF as a suit of iron. It’s not. The only true protection is to stay in the shade, although he acknowledges the unlikelihood of that.

Here are the consequence of my folly. Once again, I went under the knife and had a precious piece of me removed.

Heart-shaped wound, as opposed to a wounded heart.

BCC1 I thought I was being clever by popping earbuds in during the procedure. I thought the music would drown out the violence that was being perpetrated upon my head. Do you know how if you plug your fingers in your ears and eat a potato chip, you can hear the crunching inside your head really loud? That’s what happened here. I heard the music playing but I also heard the amplified scrape, scrape, scrape of my scalp being removed.

I got lectured again by a dermatologist with perfect skin. He’s right, of course. We all know the danger of overexposure to the sun. But, like moths to the flame, we do it anyway. It feels good. It looks good. What fools we mortals be. I’ll have a proper scar on the right side of my forehead to match the one on the left side from the first procedure. I’m hoping it makes me look a little more bad-ass. BCC2The procedure wasn’t painful but I felt everything. There was more psychological terror than physical pain. In addition to the scraping, I also felt the thread pass through my skin and the two flaps being pulled together.

Same warning as last time, folks. The usual clichés apply. Be careful. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. We love you and wouldn’t want to lose any of you. USE SUNSCREEN.BCC3 I get my stitches out in the morning. Instead of scurrying back to the office, I’ll take a sick day, drive down to Atlantic City and visit the casinos. It was never a very dignified place to begin with but now, with all the casino closings, it’s a sad, broken hulk of a town. Every time I feel bad about myself—I don’t make enough money, I’m not passionate about my work, I didn’t set the world on fire artistically, etc.—I visit Atlantic City and have look around. It turns out I’m doing fine. With the hand I was dealt early on, I could’ve easily wound up down there with the other 8:00 a.m. denizens of the crap tables. I do feel a genuine kinship with those busted guys, but I’m glad I have a place to go after 7-out.

In my previous post, I had a proper chuckle at the expense of the Björk exhibit at MoMA. But on a different floor in the same museum is this: marcelThese are considered to be 20th century masterpieces that changed the definition of what constitutes art. It’s also a snow shovel hanging from the ceiling and a bicycle wheel stuck to a stool. Back in 2002, a bicycle wheel sold for $1.7 million. Can you imagine what it’d sell for today?!

Who knows? One day, Björk might be seen as someone who was ahead of her time. This is not a pipe, indeed.

111 thoughts on “A public service announcement. Gruesome pics. Viewer discretion is advised.

  1. Have a good drive, watch out for the crappy weather, and enjoy the first day of spring.

    It looks very badass. Maybe you could get some extra work on Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead!
    Glad you’re alright.

    • It’s going to be TERRIBLE out tomorrow! They actually think we might have a snow accumulation. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was going to be nice out and I was going to walk on the beach and think heavy thoughts. Now, I’ll be a shut-in in a casino. Tragic.

  2. I’m really glad it’s benign. It does look badass, though, and you can now have conversations like this with people:
    “Hey, what happened to you? ”
    “I’ve had a little disagreement with someone. ”
    “With who?”
    “The Sun.”

    • Actually, when people at work asked my why I had a huge gauze bandage on my forehead, I told them I was attacked by ninja assassins who, incidentally, won’t be bothering anyone anymore. Nobody believed me. It’s like I’ve got credibility issues along with a new hole in my head.

      • I don’t know why they wouldn’t believe you. The part about these ninja assassins not bothering anyone again is 100% true.

      • It all ties in to my wanting to be more bad ass. I’ve always had the kind of demeanor that compels guys to take my lunch money away from me. Maybe a few scars and a fib about ninja assassins is just what I need.

  3. Yup. I’m there with the sunscreen. As an Irish-American I had risk factors. Then my parents bought a house by the beach so I burned to a crisp every day for years and years.

    I was diagnosed with melanoma (stage 0 — luckily) on Valentine’s Day last year. Surgery within two weeks. I now have a scar on my right cheek. And I slather the sunscreen. Or I did last year. Now you’ve reminded me, I will put it on more than the once a day I’ve been doing all winter. Because you only get lucky every so often …

    Thanks for the reminder. And I hope we don’t have a “third time is the charm” post from you, Mark.

    • My Bride is Irish as well. The sun kills her if she’s not careful. I’m half Italian and thought I was immune. It turns out the other half, Polish, has a problem with the sun.

      Tragically, the good doctor says that I am now more prone to a relapse. That’s why I was back in his office four years later. I actually thought I was doing pretty good with the sunscreen but, obviously, I was falling down on the job. I won’t have much forehead left if this keeps up.

      • Well let’s hear it for holding that forehead just like it is (with a bit of healing perhaps.). And maybe you need to go to the dermatologist a bit more frequently!

      • I’m SCARED to go to the dermatologist more frequently. During my initial visit a few weeks ago, they found another spot on my back that needs to be removed. When does it all end? When they’ve hacked away all there is?

  4. Recently, I had to have hip replacement surgery after an accident. I opted for an epidural rather than a general. I was aware of everything while in this sort of pain free, twilighty noplace right up until the vibrations started. No way could I take that! So I interrupted the anesthesiologist who was discussing his new skiis with a nurse, and told him to turn up the juice. I don’t remember anything after that!

    Thanks for the sun caution reminder. Good to know that it was promptly dealt with. 🙂

    • Hip replacements are a necessity. So was this mess. How do people get facelifts and nose jobs?! That’s what I want to know! Imagine putting yourself through something much, much more severe than this just for the sake of vanity! My understanding is that after plastic surgery, you’re face is pretty beat up for a while until you heal. I pray I’m never that self conscious.

      • I have no idea! A friend of mine had a facelift & chin implant. It was at least 2 months before the swelling went down. I hate the dentist – I can’t imagine having someone open up my chin and stick a plastic chunk in there!

  5. I like your piratical look.Could I send you a parrot?
    And you know how fair I am and I live in the damn’ tropics! The stuff I use is supposed to be waterproof up to 2 hours in the pool. Do as doctor man says.

      • And its not just you – make sure your gorgeous girls cover up,too.Seriously.There was no such thing when i was a kid.Hell! We used coconut oil to “get a tan.” No wonder I’ve had a couple of bits removed!

      • My wife puts the hammer down on those kids when we go to the beach. I remember one time, a few years ago, we didn’t do such a good job on the sunscreen application and my daughter got a pretty severe sunburn. Watching your kid writhe in pain because you were negligent will teach you a lesson you never forget.

  6. Calling all people with holes in their heads! Ha! I am pleased that your issues can be solved completely with a small procedure Mark. Gotta love the drugs. I used to look askance at drugs but have come to appreciate and even adore good pain control. Your scar can be used as a mark (Mark – see what i did there?) of distinction, especially when drinking. “You should see the other guy.” I have a new scar across my neck from my procedure last week – I think I’ll dress as a Zombie next Halloween. As we get more “mature” we also seem to accumulate scars – call them marks of learning and distinction. My Mom has the same problem as you do – so far I’ve been clear but that may change. I have less pearly white skin ancestry than she does – my Dad was rather swarthy.

    I hope your visit to the gaming tables proves fortuitous. Drive safe and thanks for the public service announcement. (Oh, you must have a snow shovel and a bicycle wheel in your garage, doesn’t that make you a millionaire too?) 😀

    • Ha. So funny. I *do* have a hole in my head. And one that was there long before this operation made an additional one.

      Isn’t medicine a miracle? Look at that horrific, gaping gash. And I didn’t feel a damn thing. No pain whatsoever. What did they do in the 18th Century? Suffer, I suppose.

      As we mature, we get more scars inside and out. I’d like to think (or at least pretend) they make us more interesting people. Thanks for your good luck wishes. The crap tables are only hours away.

  7. That scar is gonna look rakish! And if it’s any consolation, you have great hair. That said…do you wear a hat while on the beach? Perhaps you should consider it if not…I wouldn’t risk a third time either.

    • I’ve always wanted to be described as rakish. Everyone should aspire to be rakish and if I have to go under the knife to get there, then so be it.

      I hate hats. They mess up my great hair. lol! I just cracked myself up. I complain that my hair went prematurely gray but I should be grateful. At least it didn’t fall out. That happens to a lot of guys and it’s pretty upsetting.

      • It happens to women too, and it is upsetting, but you have to admit…bald is the new sexy for men…it’s still the old wtf for women. And hate hats or no….you should protect your forehead from further ravaging of the sun, else your rakishness will become a bit of the frankensteinishness. comprende?

      • Is that true? Bald is the new sexy? When I was young I used to hear about how gray was dignified and sexy and now that I’m here, it’s baldness that gets the girls. I can’t win! I suppose I could always shave my head and see how well that goes over.

    • You just gave me a great idea. If this ever happens again, I’m going to have the surgery done in the rotunda of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and call it performance art. I can’t wait for the reviews in the NY Times.

  8. I got the Polski skin and too much sun thing going on, too, Mark. So far my doc looks at my dark face spots that my wife says are getting worse every summer and hmmmmms and says still OK. Knock on wood. I’ve taken to wearing a wider brimmed fedora styled golf hat instead of a ball cap, and it helps throw more shade.

    Have fun down in AC. Put some down on 21 black. My father told me to always put some down on 21 black. Yeah, right, when the hell am I ever going to play roulette, I’d say to him. Anyway, let me know how much you hit for thanks to Frank B.

    • Good food. Pale skin. That’s our lot in life. You’re smart to wear a hat but that conflicts with my fashion sense, so it’s not an option. How shallow is that?

      I think 17 black was James Bond’s favorite number to play. I used to play it thinking I was so cool but I don’t recall it ever paying. Not once. Maybe I’ll try 21 black. You never know. That’s why it’s called gambling.

  9. It’s the psychological terror, alright. Well put. I schemed on that w/r/t decapitations, and how that’s just got to be awful to imagine that, the blade coming down. I like I have a place it seems to come and be dark. Thank you for clearing this cold, thorny patch of ground for me to plant my seed. “Post Comment.”

    • You’d think it was the physical trauma that slays you but it’s not. They have drugs for that. And the kicker is the casual banter between doctor and assistant while all this is going on. Like they’re cleaning windows or changing the oil in the car instead of opening up my head. It’s very upsetting.

  10. That would scar would be pretty badass if it were lower, but its actual location makes you look the astronaut on Planet of the Apes who got lobotomised and put in a zoo. I think you should cover it with skin paint. I can see the deeper meaning of the wheel on the stool. The stool is saying “you sat on me for years, but try any of that shit now and you’ll get skid marks on your butt”.

    • I remember that movie and that scar. That’s TOO MUCH scar for me. I don’t need to display any more evidence that I’m intellectually lacking. I do enough of that already, starting with spending time in casinos. Just a bit of a scar would be fine. The doctor assured me this would fade, unfortunately.

  11. Whoa Mark! Glad you’re ok! That’s what happens when you have blue eyes and light skin! Did you used to have blonde hair, too?! Maybe that “art” photo has something to do with the fate of that delivery guy riding the bicycle on the snowy roads the other day…I think you’re just testing us to see if we make the connection. Remember – SPF of at least 30 or higher and leave your hat on! Best of luck at the casinos 🙂

    • I’m half Italian. I thought I was Mediterranean. It turns out there’s too much Polish blood in me. I’m a victim of my gene pool.

      Believe it or not, my hair used to be black. Not dark brown. Black. I don’t like to think about it. Now you’ve gone and upset me!

  12. I wish I’d saved my pic from November – same deal smack in the middle of my forehead — I thought by cutting my hair in bangs that I’d be able to hide the packed bandage – ha. And I’m in retail, busy season and all that. I wore a hat to work. This is simply another footnote to aging sucks. That shit is in there – those days at the beach from decades ago. Ah well. Your scar will look good.

    • Did people ask you what happened? Could you tell they were staring at your fourhead? Everyone danced around my big gauze bandage. Nobody wanted to come out and ask. Sometimes I volunteered the truth. Sometimes I told them I was attacked. Thanks for saying my scar will look good. I needed to hear that.

  13. I’ve dodged that bullet so far. But as a mailman who worked decades in the sun, I stay on the lookout for unusual Gorbachev-shaped things on my forehead and elsewhere. Thanks for the PSA, and I hope this is your last bout with the skin monster.

    • If you had an outdoor job but never showed any signs of skin cancer, you either played it smart and wore hats and sunblock or your derma has an excellent constitution. I take it you’re not Irish or British?

      • I have a variety of northern European pedigrees, with quite a bit of Scandiwhovian. I also have ruddy skin, I don’t tan, and I burn easily. So I’m a prime candidate for skin cancer. But, I’ve worn a hat faithfully. I’ve also used sunscreen, though not as faithfully.

  14. This post is a good reminder to me to see a dermatologist about a spot on my forehead. Because I’m not a sun worshipper like you, I dismissed it to advancing decrepitude, but I’d rather not join your hole in the head club. Glad that yours have been caught in time to be treated successfully.

    • If you’ve got a spot you’re worried about, don’t delay! Get that shit checked out. I’m not really a sun worshiper but I do like spending time on the beach. It relaxes me. I like The sound of the waves.

      I saw ‘The Audience’ the other night and it was worth it, even though I was up in the balcony (as usual). If you’re a big Anglophile like I am, it’s a must-see.

      • I didn’t put much thought into my spot until reading your post. Maybe it’s a wake-up call?

        You’re reinforcing all the great reviews I’ve read about ‘The Audience’. Funds have been tight for me lately. Like an idiot, I joined the herd and got balcony seats to ‘A Fish in the Dark’. Yes, I’m a Larry David fan, but maybe less so if this show is as mediocre as I anticipate. It’s too bad you’re not into musicals. ‘Hamilton’ is in a league of its own. I think it’s the best show i’ve seen thus far this millennium. My friend, Milton, who HATES hip hop and rap, was so blown away by the magnificence of this show, he wept three times.

      • Take it from me, it’s a rude awakening the way I did it.

        I’ve never been a huge Larry David fan, thank God. Otherwise, I might’ve had to pay retail to see it. I might see Hamilton. I love the logo they whipped-up for the Broadway run. I got burned in Bloody, Bloody AJ. It was okay, I guess. I got a $10 ticket to see On the 20th Cent when it was in previews and absolutely loved it. I’d sit through that again.

      • P.S. I’m seeing ‘Something Rotten’ on Monday. They ran a promotion whereby the sold tix for $15.95—the year it takes place. I hope the show is half that clever.

  15. While you can, you should grab a cigar and do this:

    Glad it’s benign and hope that’s the last of it. I’m a regular moles-a-poppin’ and as a kid was “a little brown nut,” as my mom used to say. A lot of the mole business is hereditary, but I try to keep my eye on them.

  16. I’ve had to have a few spots removed from my arms because of my foolish teenage years (and, if I’m being honest, adult years too) and thankfully they weren’t more serious. I’m glad yours weren’t either. I live in Florida and the sun is pretty hard to avoid but I know I need to do a better job of it. I started seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis now. I wish I had given more thought when I was younger.
    Again, glad you’re okay!

    • Don’t be hard on yourself. Who wasn’t a fool when they were a the teen? But, as adults, you and I should know better. Would you like to form a support group? I’ll call you if I don’t feel like using sunscreen and you can yell at me. Isn’t that how it works?

  17. In Australia/New Zealand (skin cancer central), the rule is “slip, slap, slop.” Slip on a shirt; slap on a hat; slop on sunscreen. It’s taught to schoolkids…and has made a BIG difference in melanoma rates. A hat with neck-shoulder protection is a must…and more and more folks are wearing them out-and-about here in sunny So Cal. I’m assuming that you don’t care what the tanned hot young things think of you…and your kids are soon going to find you an embarrassment no matter what you wear.

    • I didn’t know Oz/NZ was skin cancer central. I thought it was known for rugged terrain and happy folks. You’re right about one thing…I don’t need to appeal to the tanned, young hot things anymore. Who needs that noise in my life at this point?

      I’m pretty sure I’m already an embarrassment to my 13-year old. I don’t set out to embarrass her. It seems to happen naturally.

  18. Eek. I’m still young and foolish and even though I wear sunscreen, I can’t resist the lure of the sun. I’m the moth! But I hope to do better in the future. And, I’m so glad everything is ok with you! We’d miss you if you were gone.

    • Well, what can you do? Stay out of the sun? That’s just not practical. I’m not out to guilt-trip anyone. Just warn one and all that precautions have to be taken. I’m quite fortunate it’s not something more serious.

      I would miss me, too!

  19. Your scar reminds me of R P McMurphy in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. I had the similar procedure done last year. Benign. Half Italian also. Dark spots increase after 60. Thanks for the reminder about sunscreen. I drove from Ohio to AC in the summer of 78, trying to forget the blizzard of 78. AC had Resorts International. Craps were $25 minimum bet, a lot back then. They were very proud of what they had. Look at them now. I enjoyed the Boadwalk, Atlantic Ocean much different than Lake Erie for Ohioans.

    • Well, I’m not 60 so does that mean I’ve got that to look forward to? Of all the things to be an over-achiever about why this? Why not the law or medicine?

      I would/could never play at a $25 minimum craps table! That’s way too rich for my blood. I won’t play a $15 minimum for the same reason. I remember a day when $5 minimum tables were commonplace and you could sit there and milk one bet until things got going. Then, back up a dump truck and fill it with chips. I get by on $10 minimums but that’s my limit. I like the AC boardwalk as well. It’s the one thing that AC has over Las Vegas. The ocean. You can replicate Paris and New York on the strip, but you can’t replicate the ocean.

  20. What a relief that it’s benign! Over here we don’t really have a problem with excessively strong sun. It’s lunatics who go on sun beds that are giving themselves cancer.

    Your post makes me glad that my idea of a good holiday is sitting around in bars eating and drinking, not laying on a beach.

    • As vain as I am, I’ve never been vain enough to lay in a tanning bed. What a terrible idea. If I ever caught my daughters doing that I’d feel like a failure as a parent.

      Laying on the beach: yet another, in a long list of, pleasures that can kill you. What a rotten deal this leisure business is.

      • Yep — it could all go wrong but mine have got to the age of 16 without wanting to do such a stupid thing.

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  22. Goodness, sorry you’ve had this! Although glad that from what you’ve said, it’s not serious and has been removed. I braced myself, but thankfully the pictures weren’t too gruesome. If you have a similar scar on both sides, it might look like something passed through your head, some kind of spear, definitely badass. I have pans hanging from hooks in my kitchen, I now know that this is art.

    • I thought the pics were HORRIFIC! That’s why I warned everyone. You should’ve seen this mess in person. It looked like the flesh eating virus had a picnic on my forehead. I love that you worked both of my scars into a single traumatic incident. That’s what a good writer does.

  23. Okay Dumbass you didn’t learn the first time? I know you have that lovely head of hair but wear a fucking hat, wear it for your daughters, i’ll be at the dermatologist on Tuesday for my yearly scan cuz i got a shit ton of moles, little ones here and there that i have looked at every year, had at least half a dozen taken off but luckily they all come back non-cancerous but if my doc so much as looks at them twice i tell him to get the knife… i spent most of my summer at the pool (i know it’s a tough life) and most likely will again and i’m the guy sitting there, when not in the water, with baseball cap, shirt and sometimes a towel draped over my legs so that nothing is showing, when i see these yahoos baking themselves i shake my head, i figure if blow, smack, angel dust, booze and the rest didn’t kill me i’m damn sure not letting the god-damn sun do it… still good to hear you’re alright though… now wear your sunblock and apply every 2 hours or so.

    • Right? It’s not like it snuck up on me. I was aware of the hazards but felt weirdly immune to a relapse. This is an excellent metaphor for how I’ve run most all of my affairs. There’s no WAY it’ll happen a third time, right? The stitches are out and, much to my dismay, there’ll hardly be a scar at all. I was hoping for some character.

      I’d like to see a photo of you poolside wrapped up like a swaddled baby Jesus, the exception being with a drink in hand.

  24. As a heart, in the first picture, it looks like a pretty cool tattoo. YES! Wear sunscreen. Listen to Baz Luhrmann. Eww…the sound of your scalp being scraped? You should have listened to thrash metal. Well, I hope you feel better and go and buy a bloody parasol.

  25. And you got it fixed up again. Seems you’re prone – probably all those years in the Coast Guard were a contributing factor. Too late to file a workmen’s compensation claim?

    Had one of these on my nose a few years ago, and just had the doc cut it off in the office rather than go to a surgeon. i’ll probably have a few more. Studley and i make it a point to inspect each other on a fairly regular basis – seriously, we do ‘skin checks’. It’s good practice… and can end up being pretty fun!

    • Actually, I can’t blame Mother Coast Guard. I spent the majority of my enlistment tucked away in an office as a court reporter. My search and rescue days were relatively brief.

      The nose is sensitive. I’ll bet that hurt like hell, didn’t it? The dermatologist wants me to come back for a full body scan but I’m afraid of what he’ll find.

      • Afraid of what he’ll find? Dude (yes, i called you “dude”), STOP THAT! Why on earth set yourself up for stress, anxiety about what might be, when you can make a fucking appointment, get actual answers about what is and move the fuck on?

        Sorry to yell, but this is the same line of thinking i battled for years with my Mom. i told her that if she didn’t get checked out, and the docs later found something horribly wrong that could have been easily dealt with if discovered early, she LOST HER LICENSE TO BITCH ABOUT IT.

        You, my friend, will completely lose your license to bitch about large areas of skin cancer being removed from your body if you FAIL to go get it checked out now! Losing your license to bitch? That’s gonna take away serious blog fodder!

        Seriously, just go do it. You won’t regret it.

      • I’m afraid of the truth. I can’t handle the truth! I have more stress and anxiety about the pain of having my skin dug into. Unfortunately, my history has been if something is wrong and you ignore it long enough, it goes away. If it makes you feel any better, I have another small spot they want to remove (not on my face, thank Bog) and now that the major stuff is over, I’m making an appointment for that today. I’ll get a body scan, too. I’m hoping it’s a cute doctor who can do the scan wearing a teddy.

        Call me a masochist but I kind of like when you yell at me.

      • Jeebus H. Christ…. i should start charging you for the abuse! 🙂

        Glad you’re getting it looked at. I hope your doctor decides to shave before putting on his teddy…

  26. yikes….that’s horribe….I didn’t heed your warning!! My freckled friend who lives mainly in her garden in France says I saved her life by telling her the story of another friend who got the skin cancer but got it checked out in time…she went, they cut….and cut again….and now she is ok…..and covered up from head to toe when doing her garden!! Heal well….

    • Thanks for your good wishes and thanks, especially for stopping in to comment. Welcome! I do believe I see more cutting in my future. I live sort-of close to the shore and I won’t deprive myself. I might just as well stop listening to music or having an occasional glass of wine.

      I would very much like to live mainly in a garden in France. Risk or no risk.

  27. My dad also had chunks of himself removed. He once promised me he wouldn’t die. They were removing so many pieces of him I decided he was right, he wasn’t going to die, they were just going to keep taking pieces until there was nothing left.

    I am glad that it was caught and removed. Not to worry, my dad was a week short of 87 when he passed, with much more of his body intact than I would tease him about.

    I like to people watch. It sometimes makes me very grateful for my life, and the treasures I have, like healthy children. I can do it anywhere. The grocery store. Sounds like Atlantic City is that place for you.

    • No offense to your dear old dad but that’s a hell of a thing to tell a child! Or were you old enough to see the humor in it?

      New York City is ground zero for people watching. It’s an endless parade of different economic classes and nationalities. I’ve spent most of my life here and have never gotten tired of doing it. Atlantic City is great, too, but there’s a deep sadness to it. I should do a post about my day there. It made me glad to be sane.

      • Oh no! (sorry I didn’t make that clear) I was an adult, with children of my own when they started removing spots on my dad. I loved him so very much, I made him promise me he wouldn’t die, knowing it was a promise he wouldn’t be able to keep. It was more like a wish. I am the youngest of 5, and I also made him tell me I was his favorite. He worked as a switchman for the Milwaukee Road for all of my life. He also would lay out in the back yard and soak up some sun. and he golfed. spent a lot of time outside. He was a really funny guy. I miss him every single day.

  28. I remember your first operation, not nice, you poor thing. Are your stitches out now? And have you bought a nice sun hat?

    Anyhow, hope you are recovering quickly 🙂

  29. Some of us, mercilessly, have a thing for the sun and the skin to resist the beast. I heard the other day about that dude that made a reverse bike (turns left when you turn right, etc) and he had to spend months programming himself to ride it… after which he forgot how to ride a real bike. These are the true stories of art and sunshine, some place where a Dutch schoolteacher with perfect posture spends much time masturbating under a canal bridge…. I always thought Bjork was crazily attractive, by the way. I think I sort of have to.

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