cell phone jammer damage


Look what’s become of my poor cell phone jammer.

These things are so fragile. It’s not like I slam it around or anything like that. This is the second unit I’ve purchased. The three prongs at the top bend out of place very easily. There’s an even more powerful unit available (it’s a bit more expensive than the $38 I paid for this one), but the prongs on that model look even more frail than this one.

A battle-hardened soldier. I like it. It looks MEAN.

* * *

United States: illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934), with fines of up to $11,000 and imprisonment of up to one year.

In the UK, you can own a cell phone jammer, but it’s illegal to use it. C’mon, England. Don’t be so naive. What do you think these things are for? Decorative wall sculpture?

The good news is that they are completely legal to own and operate in Armenia.

13 thoughts on “cell phone jammer damage

  1. you could probably find a small plastic case for it – would still transmit, but protect your prongs.that sounded kinda dirty. oops.oh, and in ohio? it’s legal to purchase fireworks, but you have to sign a paper that says you’re going to set them off in a different state.

  2. I bet cell phone use by ignoramuses is simply rampant in Armenia. Hence, the reason that jammers are fully legal.I think I wrote before that in Canada it’s pretty much the same as the US. Can’t own, import, use, etc. blah blah blah.

  3. as I sit in the airport hoping the second flight to Chicago will not be canceled for the day, I realize that people talk extremley loud on their cell phones.I would trade in my laptop right now for a cell-phone jammer, despite any risk of airline disaster.

  4. K: I suppose a crossbow isn’t as subtle as a jammer but the end result is the same: glorious silence.M: Welcome to my world. What you’re experiencing this afternoon is an almost daily occurrence for me. Hence, the drastic and, apparently, illegal measures.DF: Actually, I was considering cutting my finger and dripping some blood on it. That’d toughen it up.

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