a brief programming note

The Tony Awards are on tomorrow night. I hope to be back home in time to see it. Here’s the thing; I realize that 98% of people reading this don’t give a rat’s ass about the Tony Awards or Broadway plays in general, and that’s perfectly understandable. The Tonys are a gaggle of out-of-touch-with-reality actors over-emoting and prattling on endlessly about their CRAFT and their FEELINGS. The ratings are low for a reason.

But this year there was an unusually robust crop of plays. Perhaps one of the best seasons in a decade. During the Tony Awards, they always perform a scene or two from the nominated shows, so if you can suffer through the nauseating acceptance speeches, you might see some world-class acting.

If you care.



UPDATE:I just discovered that the Tony Awards are on NEXT Sunday, June 7th. Not tomorrow. I could have taken this post down but I decided to leave it up as proof positive that I rarely know what I’m talking about. I could have easily blamed my fragile state of mind on my Mom’s recent passing (see post below), but the truth is that I’m like this ALL THE TIME.

6 thoughts on “a brief programming note

  1. I got all set to program the TiVo — but they are June 7th, so next week.Thanks for the notice, though. I love the Tony Awards. It’s my little slice of Broadway.

  2. thanks for the advance notice! might actually watch… two planned auditions this year – one musical and one play – and i need to get psyched for “the craft” again!

  3. Hey! You’re right!Uh, about the not giving a rat’s ass part…….sorry.Oh, and getting the dates mixed up? I am finding my mental faculties starting to desert me more and more. I’m hoping it’s simply a function of aging and not some organic disease.

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