It’s Friday, I’m in love.

A happy 10th anniversary, Mrs. Wife. 10 years is pretty good, don’t you think? A lot of couples don’t make it this far. But we did. And it was fun, too! Well, most of it. The whole childbirth episode was pretty upsetting, if you don’t mind my saying so. We’re a long ways away from good ole’ Avenue B and Houston.

We were together for a bit over 2 years prior to getting hitched so do you think I could backdate our anniversary and say we’ve been together for a dozen years? I’ve been living the life of a married man for that amount of time so I’d like the credit for it.

Tonight we will abandon our children to the in-laws and stay at The Chateau Inn in Spring Lake, New Jersey, and dine at Vivas in scenic Belmar.

I will have the same conversation I always have with you when we find ourselves in these circumstances: How did we get so lucky? More importantly, can you imagine anyone else putting up with our shared neurosis? :10 minutes early is :10 minutes late.

That was pretty easy. How about it? Are you up for another 10?

23 thoughts on “It’s Friday, I’m in love.

  1. Nurse: Actually, it’s a kick in the head.Sid: It’s Dean Martin singing “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head.” It was our wedding song!Daisy: Excellent! Can I round-up to 13?Bride: Back at ya.Savannah: Thank you, dear. Do you think that was easy? For EITHER of us?!?!

  2. Jo: Thanks. TECHNICALLY, it would be another 12.5. But who’s counting?Leah: I am glad that my accounting practice has a blessing from the Tribe. Cat: That was fast! Mrs. Wife insisted on two years of begging. Also, she insisted that I eliminate all my credit card debt prior to marrying and that took a bit.

  3. Happy Anniversary UB and Mrs. Wife!But, your wedding day is 9/11?I was talking with a colleague from down south yesterday whose son’s birthday is today. “For 10 years his birthday was just a random day. Now it’s 9/11. He’s 18 today.”Ten years is a milestone. My late wife and I were one of the few couples from our old redneck town in northern Alberta to surpass that mark. And surpass it we did. Not counting the two years of living in sin we made it to 25 years before she passed.Enjoy your night out and away! Nights like this tend to promote lengthy unions.

  4. Ah, young love. It’s a beautiful thing. My husband and I just marked 36 years married, 38 years hopelessly in love. Except now it is just hopeless. But still in love. If we only knew then what we know now!Congratulations!

  5. Happy Anniversary you two…I have to tell you I have fond memories of your wedding day. But the swing dance was most impressive, especially since I never knew you had so much talent.You should post the dance instead of the song. I for one would love to see it again.MT

  6. Rob: That’s correct. 9/11 has a double-meaning for us. One light, the other dark.Lori: Young love!? I waited until fairly late in life to get hitched, so I can assure you it’s not young love. Although I can related to the hopeless part!Annie: That was our wedding song. We danced a swing number to it.FGS: 10 is a nice round number, isn’t it? What did you guys do to celebrate?Ellie: Well that’s a whole seperate post. I might have dropped the ball on the gift thing.MT: I think that dance will remain locked away in a vault. But I *am* glad that you got to see its only performance.Map: Thanks! It’s all behind us. We are now at 10 years + 1 day.

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