It’s March. Do you know what that means? That means we escaped winter unscathed. After two cataclysmic winters when we were pounded with one city-closing blizzard after another, we deserved the reprieve. Naturally, the kiddies were disappointed but I didn’t mind one bit. That’s how you can tell you’ve become an adult. Winter isn’t fun anymore. We had exactly ONE snowfall. I suppose we can still get a late season surprise, but overall we got off easy.

It may have been only one snowfall, but we made the best of it. Please spare me your sarcastic witticisms regarding my camera skills. I know I fucked up the orientation. I was too busy concentrating on not dropping my iPhone and coming to a halt in a safe spot. Mush, indeed!

* * *

What the hell is this supposed to mean?


Japan week runs from the 1st through the 3rd? Have any of you been to Japan? Are the weeks there measured out in 72-hour increments? Advertising fail. I may walk over to Grand Central on my lunch hour to take this in. I have an affinity for Japan.

* * *

I turned off the word verification requirement in the comments section. Blogger has initiated a new WV system that I find both cumbersome and annoying. I wanted to save you, gentle reader, the hassle. But I reserve the right to reactivate it if I’m suddenly flooded with spam about hating American women.