Loch Central Park

I took one of the last warm days of the season off from work and dragged 7-Year Old Daughter into the city. Again. She’s been there quite a few times now and walks around like she owns the place. It’s pretty funny. She has developed a comfort level with the city, which is by design.

Renting a row boat on Central Park Lake is probably The Most Touristy thing you can do, but it’s a fantastic experience. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done it. It’s still a thrill. And it only costs about $10 bucks! So worth it. The Central Park row boats and the landmark Carousel are absolute musts on a warm day. You’re never too old for that stuff.

I like watching clueless city people try to row a boat. They often row incorrectly; with the stern of the boat going forward. The bow of the boat cuts through the water quite nicely but for some reason, dopey New Yorkers prefer the struggle of trying to push the stern through water. Perhaps it’s in their nature to make things more difficult than they need to be.

Here we are at beautiful Bethesda Fountain. Did you see Tony Kurshner’s Angels in America? This fountain plays an important role. There’s a charming song-and-dance number in The Daughter’s favorite movie, Enchanted, that features the fountain.


If you row out to the middle of the lake you can get a spectacular view of the luxury hotels along Central Park South. For being in the middle of New York City, the lake is actually quite big.


Many years ago, my brother was visiting and I took a photo of him rowing. When I got the pictures developed, I discovered that I accidentally got a shot of his testicle hanging out of his shorts! Do you guys want to see it?

If you visit Central Park mid-week you’ll witness a phenomenon called “The Leisure Class.” These are people who hang out in the city all day and have no visible means of support. They don’t have proper jobs. And these are not tourists! They’re locals! Look how crowded Sheep Meadow is on a Thursday afternoon. Where do they get the money to live like this? Arrrgghh.


Random architectural flourish. Click on that and take a look at the latticework. Nice!

I heart New York. Always have. Probably always will.