Is the Kandinsky retrospective any good?

How am I going to explain how great this exhibit is without sounding like a pretentious jerk? Art exhibit reviews almost always leave me cold. They’re awful things to read. Art is subjective and open to personal interpretation. Reading some “expert” from the Times spew his opinion strikes me as a waste of time.

Having said that, I have to be honest and report that the media is right about the Kandinsky show at the Guggenheim. It’s a blockbuster and it knocked me flat on my ass. Way better than the lame-ass Monet water lilies exhibit currently at MoMA. I walked in knowing just a little bit about Kandinsky and walked out a big fan. His work is far more eclectic than I thought it was.

I took two artists with me; Artiste Florenza and Sister #2. Both attended prestigious art institutions. Do you know what I did? I laid back a few steps and listened to the two of them discuss the work. It was an education. I came across this beauty and thought it was an interesting composition.


Then I heard Sister #2 remark, “That’s a nice profile.” I was standing right in front of the damn thing and never saw it! Always bring someone smarter than you.

Part of the exhibit is a healthy selection of works on paper that are just as strong as the works on canvas. It’s like two exhibits in one. I had no idea just how great this guy was.

It’s not a question of if I’ll return for another visit but, rather, how many times I can get there before it closes. If you’re in town between now and January 10th, you should make a point to go. It’s fantastic.


* * *

Take a look at these two Eurotrash visitors I found outside the museum. He’s wearing one of those expensive European pinstripe business suits (click to view). A few moments prior to this shot they were sucking face and slobbering over each other. Then, Pink Tie’s phone rang and he stopped to take a call. I’m no expert at reading body language, but I’d say she feels a bit put out by the coitus interruptus.


Here’s a link to view over two dozen works on exhibit.