This time, the New York Post has gone TOO FAR!

Longtime readers know that I’m a huge fan of our low-rent, Rupert Murdoch-owned, tabloid delight New York Post. To say that their covers often lack, ahem, dignity, is stating the obvious. It’s like accusing water of being wet. Recent favorites have included calling Congress sacks of shit and the Photoshop abuse of Tiger Woods.

Here is the cover of this morning’s Post:


My God! Newsstands all over Manhattan display the daily papers front and center. Little kids walk by and can see this stuff! It’s a new low, which is to say, a new high. The photo and caption are self explanatory.

Bull – 1. Matador – nil.

I’m no fan of the Post’s loony politics, but I really do love these covers. How could you not?!