death may be your santa clause

The threat of death must be one of the oldest methods on the planet used to draw a crowd. Apparently, they don’t think that being able to ice skate in the middle of Midtown Manhattan in Bryant Park is enough to attract the tourists. They hired a pretty girl to entwine herself in a white scarf, suspend herself from a balloon and perform an aerial ballet.



It’s a crazy stunt! She performed a Pas de Deux (the balloon was her partner). It was all very lovely, but she was working without a net and really could have slipped out of her wrap, fallen and cracked her head wide open in front of a gaggle of out-of-towners.

At nightfall, they light the tree. That structure you see in the background is a temporary restaurant that will be disassembled in January when the rink comes down. There’s a bar on the ground floor or you can walk upstairs and have dinner while looking down on the skaters as they gracefully float by and clumsily fall on their asses. I don’t want to get all Oprah on you but I wish you could see everyone’s face. Everybody is so happy.


holiday spirits #2

I met M for a holiday hot toddy. We went into one of those loud Manhattan after-work bars that are packed to the rafters with the young lions and lionesses of finance and law. At one point in my life, I enjoyed frequenting these places but now I find both the venues and the people inside them nauseating. Much of my nausea is rooted raw envy. They are all young and good looking with a hopeful future wide open in front of them, whereas I am merely good looking.

This is another phase in my annual holiday tradition of reaching out and getting together with friends who I have not seen in a while. M and I have emailed and spoken over the phone but the last time we sat down and broke bread together was June. It was nice to raise a glass with him. I highly recommend this course of action for everyone. Think of someone you haven’t seen in a while and give him/her a call.

* * *

Have you ever followed someone’s blog and then, all of a sudden, they just stop posting? Do you ever wonder what happened to them? Was it something bad or did they simply get bored with blogging? What is the respectable amount of time to wait before removing them from your reader?

more cell phone jammer shenanigans

I had a live one on the train home. My cell phone jammer was carrying a full charge, so it was causing major disruptions in service when switched on. She didn’t stand a chance, the poor dear. She restarted her Blackberry three times, finally lost her temper and—I’m not making this up—started to bang it against the train window.

“…but I want to talk RIGHT NOW!

Waaaaaa. Where’s my ba-ba? I want my blankee. It was delicious. It was the best one yet. It was better than the guy who held his head near the floor of the train to get better reception.

* * *

Am I the only one on the planet who finds Mozilla Firefox unstable? Am I the freak?

Best. Santa. EVER!

Down the street from my house is a two-story brick building that, many years ago, was a warehouse. They gutted it and created separate retail spaces in that “up and coming neighborhood” sort of way, and it is now occupied by little knick-knack stores and specialty clothing shops.

Every Christmas, Santa visits. I’ve seen TONS of Santa’s over the years—including the Santa at Macy’s, who is supposed to be the Authoritative Santa—but nobody can touch this guy. He’s fantastic!



Just look at this face!


I’m tellin’ ya, this guy IS Santa. You have to be in his presence to appreciate his “Santa-ness.” That’s a real beard. And he’s jolly, to boot! But he doesn’t smell of weed or alcohol, so it must be his nature to be happy. Freak.